Editor’s Note:  It’s not everyday that one stumbles upon a band and where the mind is considered blown.  That is exactly what happened when I stumbled across the music of Edge Of Free, which I would compare them to a country-fried steak(only from Cracker Barrel) version of Days Of The New, which is an esteemed compliment considering I’ve looked up to Travis Meeks as a vocalist in that band.  There was something organic, pure, and righteous that Edge Of Free offered in their music.  Scott Sneddon, vocalist of Edge Of Free, reached out for an interview and I had to oblige!  This was a fun conversation Scott and I had, and it all led back to the one thing that seems to unite all of us, and that is our love for the music and the passion behind the music.  That is always my goal is for my readers to remember the passion that I’m trying to convey in the music.  Edge Of Free exudes that similar passion.  Find Edge Of Free at the following locations:




Without further delay, here is my conversation with Scott Sneddon of Edge Of Free!

M.T.C.:  Tell us about your experience with Edge Of Free so far!

Scott:  Creating this music, finally journeying to the end of every path that would be a song and watching it become that collection of memories and a reflection of life is amazing!  Even a single person connecting with these songs is such a great feeling, it cuts the isolation and loneliness that comes with the territory.  

The business side has been a large part of Edge Of Free this year and while I’ve met great people, it’s astonishing to see how damaged the “Rock” format is.

M.T.C.:   I absolutely love the record!  Who are some major influences that you draw from?

Scott:  I love to hear that you get the songs on this record!  Major influences – Chris Cornell and Layne Staley may be two voices people recognize, but also Paul Rodgers (Free & Bad Company), Steven Tyler, and Freddie Mercury (early Queen) are my rock favorites, James Brown and Marvin Gaye on the soul side.  Led Zeppelin is certainly the core musical influence, though we don’t go bluesy too much, but opt for more orchestration the likes of Joe Walsh, and of course Neil Young and Crosby, Stills, & Nash for all the acoustics and harmonies.  Finally, old-school Pink Floyd and Black Sabbath!  I don’t like simple songs, I look for depth and meaning over cute, quick catch-phrases.

M.T.C.:  Favorite song to play on the album and to perform live?

Scott:  Higher, the second single, has become my favorite live…it’s a really challenging vocal and I get lost in this hypnotic kind of state where I have to be 100% committed!  People are responding to that and I think it really helps the song stand out, especially if you’ve never heard us before, that song will get your attention!

“Higher” by Edge Of Free

M.T.C.:  What can fans expect from this album?

Scott:  It’s not meant to be in-line with today’s rock, and we made an album we love first without being concerned about how the industry would receive it.  There’s always a trade-off, if you want an instant hit, you’ve got to keep it really simple, but we’re not simple people.  I always liked the deeper album cuts from my favorite artists, and many times the “single” was the song that burned out the quickest.

M.T.C.:  What can fans expect from an Edge Of Free concert?

Scott:  We sit on stools to keep everyone from getting over excited…ha!  The music comes first always – costumes, flames, blood, etc., all may occur from time to time, but delivering the real deal is most important – it’s a one-to-one experience!

M.T.C.:  What is the plans for Edge Of Free for the rest of the year?

Scott:  We were slated to tour this October, but those plans got delayed and we’ll be heading into the studio over the holidays to record the second record.  The new material is more heavy rock without losing that acoustic bent.  I took my Les Paul off the wall again, so we’ll see what happens!

M.T.C.:   If you could create a song with a current recording artist, who would it be and what would the title of the song be?

Scott:  In our genre I’d say the Stone Temple Pilots with the DeLeo brothers and the song would be “High Stair to Hell” which I wrote last spring – there was talk with my management early on about getting me together with Rob and Dean, but it turns out it was just talk and they’re not even aware of my existence.  

I wasn’t aware of their auditions, and finding someone who can write and sing in your style is….let’s say it’s happened once in history with AC/DC!  I’d love to write a couple songs with them and see if it worked, just like Brian Johnson joining AC/DC!

Other than that I’d choose Bruno Mars and we’d redo “Super Bad”!

M.T.C.:  Where can people find Edge Of Free?


On our website, Facebook, Instagram Twitter:



And some early radio stations like KGRR!

M.T.C.:  Thank you for your time to interview with me for Madness To Creation!

Scott:  I’d love to do it again!  There’s more good music on the way!

And there you have it!  Also, check out their other music video for the song “Pony”!

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