One of the most exotic looking singers in the world out of New Zealand is known as Aaradhna.  She comes from an Indian and Samoan family, and she is an artist that translated in Australia and New Zealand on the pop charts, however, success never really translated overseas.  Aaradhna is signed under Dawn Raid Entertainment and Republic Records.

Aaradhna’s Career Highlights:

  1.  In 2016, “Brown Girl” peaked at number one on the New Zealand album charts.
  2.  Aaradhna boasts three top 15 singles on the Billboard New Zealand charts including “Down Time”, “I Love You Too”, and “Wake Up”.
  3. Aaradhna also has a single called “Lorena Bobbitt”.  That alone deserves it to be noteworthy.
  4. Her first single “Getting Stronger” featuring Adeaze is her biggest hit, it went number one on New Zealand’s Hot 100 charts in 2004.  Her single achieved platinum status in 2004.
  5. In 2005, her single “They Don’t Know” featuring Savage achieved Gold status and number two status on New Zealand’s Hot 100 charts.
  6. In 2016, Aaradhna won a hip-hop award for New Zealand.  She gave away the award, citing racism because of her brown skin color, and that she is a singer, not a hip-hop artist.

Madness To Creation’s take:  It is always interesting to hear of an artist out of the Australia/New Zealand area.  Aaradhna boasts a lot of talent, however, her talent never translated overseas although she is well known in Australia and in New Zealand in particular.  I reviewed Aaliyah the other day, and ironically there are parallels between Aaradhna’s vocal stylings and smooth delivery in her vocals as well as with Aaliyah’s vocals.  Based on her career, she takes herself as an artist seriously.  Based on her singles and her career.  Aaradhna gets a 6.5/10 rating.  She would translate in AM Radio here in the United States, however, her vocals don’t do a whole lot for me, I feel that her voice is an acquired taste.  It will be interesting to see if she received any backlash for giving back her hip-hop award citing racism.  Anyways, check out her two biggest singles below.

“Getting Stronger” by Aaradhna featuring Adeaze

“They Don’t Know” by Aaradhna featuring Savage

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