Back when I was in college, MySpace was the cool social media site!  I remember doing endless amounts of surveys, seeing pointless posts, and being extremely offended(well, not really) when someone removed you from your Top 8.  You were cool if you were in the Top 8 list.  I usually put bands in there so I wouldn’t hurt any of my friends’ feelings.  That is where Toronto, Canada’s own Abandon All Ships achieved a lot of their popularity!

Abandon All Ships paved the way for bands like Attack, Attack!, I See Stars, and Capture The Crown, with techno/dance influenced vocal stylings along with what is called “crabcore” breakdowns.  “Crabcore” is where you see a lot of running in place during a breakdown or a dance part of the song, then it goes into a breakdown where you are crouched down and apparently, people look like a crab when that happens.  After being on hiatus, Abandon All Ships is back to melt faces and to make Maine popular due to all the crabcoring going on.

Career Highlights:

  1.  Abandon All Ships started as a band that played Norma Jean cover songs.
  2.  Got their first big break with opening up for Silverstein.
  3.  Got their fame via MySpace and MuchMusic’s TV Show “Disband”
  4.  Their big hit was “Guardian Angel”, which featured Leta Katina of t.a.t.u.
  5.  In 2010, “Megawacko 2.0” and “Bro My God” became their other hits, this resulted in a nationwide tour with Miss May I, Sleeping With Sirens, The Crimson Armada, and Bury Tomorrow.
  6.  In 2011, the band began splitting apart over egos and creative differences.
  7.  In 2012, Abandon All Ships provided direct support for For The Fallen Dreams in a European tour.
  8.  In 2014, the band broke up.  Some members went on to form Sine Of The Lion, other members formed Curses.
  9. In 2016, Abandon All Ships reunited to create “Loafting”.

Madness To Creation’s takeaways:

Abandon All Ships saw moderate success in their particular genre, including their backing with record label Rise Records.  The “crabcore” genre is clearly an acquired taste as the autotune completely ruins it for me.  Their riffs are bland and generic, and the choruses are not even inspiring.  Personally, I don’t have much to say about this band, except I’m passing on them.  3 out of 10 rating for me as I find their new single entitled “Loafting” to be somewhat tolerable.  If you must, check it out below.

Their big song “Take One Last Breath” has over 13 million hits on YouTube.  Check it out.

Check out Abandon All Ships at the following locations:

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