On November 4, 2017, Otherwise, Red, and 10 Years put on an exhilarating show at Pop’s Nightclub and Concert Venue in Sauget, IL.  The show was part of a brief fall tour celebrating new releases from all three bands.

Otherwise took the stage first and excited the crowd with a blistering set that included “Angry Heart”, “Die for You”, and “Darker Side of the Moon”.  Lead vocalist Adrian Patrick has a great presence and interacted with the crowd during the whole set, walking amongst them at various points of the show.  Other members of the band include Ryan Patrick, lead guitar, Tony Carboney on bass, and Brian Medeiros on bass.  The highlight of the show, as can be expected with Otherwise, was the performance of “Soldiers.”  The whole audience seemingly knew the words and sang along with the hit and Patrick again went out amongst the crowd, walking around and high fiving fans during a circuitous route of the entire Pop’s venue.  Below you can check out a video of “Angry Heart”, which is the current single off the Sleeping Lions album, which was released September 22nd via Century Media records.


Red took the stage next and fired up the crowd by playing a plethora of their hits including “Breath Into Me” and “Already Over” amongst many others.  Red also has a recently released album Gone, which was made available through Essential Records on October 27th.  The album seems to be a hit amongst fans as, despite plenty of the old Red hits being performed, the recent single “Still Alive” off Gone received the biggest reaction from a rather energetic fan base and “Losing Control” drew a great response as well.  Red is comprised of Lead Vocalist Michael Barnes, Anthony Armstrong as the lead guitarist, and Randy Armstrong on bass.  Below, please check out the aforementioned single “Still Alive”.


Finally, it was time for main headliner 10 Years to take the stage.  The performance included the current release “Novacaine” off the new album (How to Live) As Ghosts, which was released on October 27th via Mascot Records.  Lead Vocalist Jesse Hasek has a strong and commanding stage presence.  He is very interactive with the crowd and spent just as much time out amongst the fans as he did on stage.  While recent releases received a great reaction from the crowd, older hits such as “Shoot it”, “Fix Me”, and “Wasteland” received the strongest response.  The “Wasteland” performance was described simply as being a “different sound than you’re (the fans) used to” by Hasek before the song began and it certainly was.  I would describe it as a more melodic version while still holding true to the original.  The highlight of the show was the band’s cover of the Nirvana classic “Heart-Shaped Box”, which is off the aforementioned recent release.  It was an almost haunting performance and while a slower version of the song, it definitely does the original justice!  An audio video of this great song can be listened to below:


Overall, it was a great night of music at a great venue!  Pop’s Nightclub and Concert Venue is a short 10-minute drive from the downtown St. Louis area and plenty of post-concert entertainment options surround the club, so definitely check out a show here if you get a chance!  The tour featuring these three bands is brief, but you can still catch them on the following dates:


Nov. 10 – Ft. Wayne, Ind. @ Piere’s

Nov. 11 – Indianapolis, Ind. @ The Vogue Theatre


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