Sometimes we need that music that just rocks without having to worry about what label it falls under, sometimes we also need to punch holes into the wall to feel like a man, and sometimes we just need a band like My Ticket Home just to remember how music makes our faces melt as they have released “unReal” via Spinefarm Records on October 6th.

Out of Ohio, My Ticket Home is composed of Nick Giumenti on bass/vocals, Marshal Giumenti on drums, Derek Blevins on rhythm guitar, and Matt Gellucci on lead guitar.  My Ticket Home tapped Fred Archambault(Avenged Sevenfold, Atreyu) to produce this genre-bending record.  My Ticket Home has been working hard since their 2012 effort entitled “To Create A Cure”, and they annihilate in this offering.

“unReal” starts off with a throwback, yet fresh out of the oven track entitled “Thrush”.  Listeners will immediately notice the alternative edged tinged vocals that Nick possesses along with the thick as molasses guitar work that Derek and Matt portray on the track.  One will also immediately notice the seamless transitions in tempo and the furious drumming that Marshal provides.  I mean, THE RIFFS, as I climb up to the nearest mountaintop and proclaim My Ticket Home’s riffs throughout the lands and its peasants.

The track transitions into a hard alternative track entitled “Flee The Flesh”.  Again, THE RIFFS!  The lyrics are intertwined very nicely with THE RIFFS!  The chorus is soaring and anthemic and again THE RIFFS AND SEAMLESS TEMPO CHANGES IN THE MUSIC!

This album showcases when a canvas starts off blank and the artist is given many colors on the artist’s palette, and the artist happens to be a mad scientist mixed with Picasso influences.  With each brushstroke, a layer is added to the canvas, and some brushstrokes have tension in there creating vibrant colors and strokes, whereas other brushstrokes are gentle and seem wispy.  My Ticket Home experiments with different arrangements and make a record that is absolutely memorable with a 9 out of 10 effort!

Here is the track listing below:

  1.  Thrush
  2.  Flee The Flesh
  3.  Flypaper
  4.  Time Kills Everything
  5.  Hyperreal
  6.  Redline
  7.  Joi
  8.  Gasoline Kiss
  9.  Cellophane
  10.  Down Life
  11.  We All Use
  12.  Melancholia
  13.  Visual Snow

On Friday, November 10th, My Ticket Home will be providing direct support for Nothing More and Hell Or Highwater at The Aztec Theatre in San Antonio, Texas.  For tickets and further information, click here!

Check out the music video for “Hyperreal” below!

Check out My Ticket Home at the following locations:


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