The challenge for any band as they evolve in the music industry and in their sound is that they stay piping-hot fresh and that they continue to captivate the masses with sexy grooves, influences of thrash, and bringing elements of classic metal to the forefront.  Trivium, out of Orlando, Florida, have certainly done that with their October 20th release of “The Sin And The Sentence”.

Since “Silence In The Snow”, Trivium recruited drummer Alex Bent from Battlecross in order to further provide that knockout blow into their music.  They continue to take elements of Trivium that we know and love, but this time they shred, rip, tear, and groove the listener into submission with their incredibly tight musicianship, songwriting that hits on unique themes while making it relevant to the masses, and with their blistering live show.

Trivium showcases elements of metalcore and classic metal in the title track.  This song has been on constant repeat as I would consider it the metal song of the year.  The riffs are insane in the instrumental break and Alex Bent is certainly a welcome addition with his blast beats and groove oriented drumming.  Matt Heafy continues to be the absolute monster of a frontman that he is with his masculine voice, and him and Corey Beaulieu really intertwine the guitar parts perfectly.  Paolo Gregoletto showcases the bass and seamless transitions in the tempo changes as him and Alex Bent are the driving force behind the groove that Trivium has trademarked.  It was a perfect way to showcase the new record as the listener, along with long-time Trivium fans knew that they were in for something different from the band.  “You condemn me/cause you don’t understand me” is the perfect lyric between the clean vocals and the screams offered in the band.  Trivium even showcases elements of death/thrash metal in the outro of the song.  The transitions between the blast beats to the breakdowns are effortless.

“The Sin and the Sentence” by Trivium

The album transitions into “Beyond Oblivion”.  I even love the elements of hardcore with the gang vocals in the bridge from the verse to chorus.  The chorus showcases the unique harmonies that sound haunting, yet have a classic feel to it.  The blast beats in the instrumental break show the listener that Trivium absolutely found a gold mine in Alex Bent, which has added some much needed steroids into the well-oiled machine that Trivium already was before him.  This shows me that Trivium strives to be the best and to continue to ascend to the top of the metal mountain.

“Other Worlds” showcases the vocal prowess of Matt Heafy as he shows off his impressive vocal range in the song, in particular in the chorus.  The album showcases a more melodic edge to Trivium, but where Trivium succeeds where a lot of metal bands seem to falter is that they are still able to maintain the integrity of heavy music while showcasing their melodic edge in songs like “Other Worlds” and “The Heart From Your Hate”.

“The Heart From Your Hate”

This album thoroughly solidifies Trivium as simply one of the best in the metal genre today.  They can play on stages with the likes of Sevendust and Like A Storm, while being able to fit the bill like a glove with the likes of Arch Enemy, While She Sleeps, and Fit For An Autopsy.  With “The Sin and the Sentence”, Trivium is ascending to the summit of the metal mountain!  Check out their music video for “Thrown Into The Fire” below!

Here is the track listing to “The Sin and the Sentence” below!

  1.  The Sin and the Sentence
  2.  Beyond Oblivion
  3.  Other Worlds
  4.  The Heart From Your Hate
  5.  Betrayer
  6.  The Wretchedness Inside
  7.  Endless Night
  8.  Sever The Hand
  9.  Beauty In The Sorrow
  10.  The Revanchist
  11.  Thrown Into The Fire

Check out Trivium and Arch Enemy on tour with special guests While She Sleeps and Fit For An Autopsy

Sunday, November 12th- Concord Music Hall in Chicago, Illinois

Tuesday, November 14th- Skyway Theater in Minneapolis, Minnesota

Wednesday, November 15th- The Rave in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Friday, November 17th- Summit Music Hall in Denver, Colorado

Saturday, November 18th- The Complex in Salt Lake City, Utah

Monday, November 20th- The Palace Theatre in Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Tuesday, November 21st- Union Hall in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Thursday, November 23rd- Vogue Theater in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Friday, November 24th- Showbox SoDo in Seattle, Washington

Saturday, November 25th- Roseland Theater in Portland, Oregon

Monday, November 27th- Ace of Spades in Sacramento, California

Tuesday, November 28th- The Regency Ballroom in San Francisco, California

Wednesday, November 29th- The Wiltern in Los Angeles, California

Friday, December 1st- Marquee Theater in Tempe, Arizona

Saturday, December 2nd- Sunshine Theater in Albuquerque, New Mexico

Monday, December 4th- Gas Monkey Live! in Dallas, Texas

Tuesday, December 5th- Alamo City Music Hall in San Antonio, Texas

Wednesday, December 6th- Warehouse Live in Houston, Texas

Thursday, December 7th- Soul Kitchen in Mobile, Alabama

For tickets and further information, click here!

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