The trance group that got the attention of Paul Oakenfold, Pete Tong, Judge Jules, and Paul van Dyk continues to receive international attention for their catchy trance beats and their pop melodies that are incorporated with their trance rhythms.  This trance trio is known as Above & Beyond.

Out of London, England, they immediate hit number one on the U.K club charts with their remix of “Home” by Chakra.  You may have heard it in a viral video with a street drummer.

In 2001, Above & Beyond worked internationally for the artists Aurora, Fragma, Perpetuous Dreamer, and Adamski.  Their vocal trance remixes were sought after around the world and an international pop artist who goes by the name of Madonna recruited Above & Beyond for a club mix for the song “What It Feels Like For A Girl”.

Their success brought them to success in Tokyo as they would perform in front of thousands of people in Tokyo.  They would also play the Rockness, Amnesia, Glastonbury, and Creamfields Festivals in Europe.  Madonna would recruit Above & Beyond again for her song “Nobody Knows Me”.  Delirium, Dido, and Britney Spears would also recruit Above & Beyond.  Here is the remix of the song “Everytime” by Britney Spears.

In 2004, Above & Beyond would snag the Tune of the Year award from Armin van Buuren’s radio show for “No One On Earth” featuring Zoe Johnston.

In 2006, Above & Beyond released their debut artist album entitled “Tri-State”.  “Tri-State” would pick up numerous five star reviews, including “Best Underground Dance Track” at the 2006 Miami Winter Music Conference for the song “Air For Life” featuring Andy Moor.  “Alone Tonight” featuring Robert Bedford would reach Number 4 in Finland and be a Top 5 U.K. dance hit.  The track “Good For Me” featuring Zoe Johnston would win Tune of the Year.  They would play in front of one million people in Rio de Janiero, Brazil on Barra Beach.  They would also be invited to play at Virgin Galactic’s SpaceShip Two launch in the Mojave Desert with Richard Branson and Arnold Schwarzenegger present at the event.

In 2011, Above & Beyond released “Group Therapy”.  It would reach #1 on the I-Tunes Dance Charts.  The album had a couple of contemplative moments and they would introduce classical piano into the mix for the track “Filmic”.  Richard Bedford and Zoe Johnston would provide vocals for “Group Therapy”.  The track “Sun & Moon” was named the saddest dance song of all time by Billboard Magazine.  The track would also amass over 15 million hits on YouTube.

They would tour around the world include selling out Madison Square Garden in New York City.

In a strange twist, Above & Beyond would release two acoustic albums entitled “Acoustic” and “Acoustic II”, citing that they wrote the songs with the acoustic guitar in mind and that they wanted to try something new.  Most recent single released was on November 3rd, 2017 when they released the track “Northern Soul”.

In 2016, Above & Beyond was nominated for a Grammy for Best Dance Recording for the track “We’re All We Need” featuring Zoe Johnston.  They have been nominated for numerous awards for their work in trance.

Madness To Creation’s take:  These guys are the real deal in the world of trance music!  The beats sound relaxing and chill while one can dance and vibe to the music.  I love the vocal remixes which all seem to breathe new life into the music.  The melodies in the trance music are lush, and they are musicians when it comes to the music.  I love their takes on the remixes and the blending of the vocals into the trance music.  Above & Beyond gets an 9 out of 10 star rating!




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