Out of Atlanta, Georgia is an artist that mixes indie-pop with R&B and a touch of trance who happens to produce her own music, and that artist is Abra, who is signed to Awful Records.

While singing praise and worship songs at her local church, Abra was encouraged by her father, who is a rap artist who goes by the name of Father, to create her own songs.  Abra began to get started and discovered by playing guitar and covering rap songs on her YouTube channel.

In 2015, Abra released her debut entitled “BLQ Velvet” and a second EP entitled “Princess”.  “Princess” included the R&B old-school tinged song “Crybaby”, which amassed almost one million hits on YouTube.  Not bad for a debut.  Check out the song below!

Her 2015 full-length release entitled “Rose”, proved to be an underground sensation that has pegged Abra as an artist to watch in the alternative/pop/r&b world due to her music crossing over into multiple genres.  “Rose” included the underground smash entitled “Fruit”, which is heavy on the bass and soulful to the ears.  Check it out below!

Madness To Creation’s take:  Abra offers a fresh take and a fresh voice to a genre that has gone really stale.  She doesn’t overdo it in her singing, and the beats are undeniable.  Her music is the type that is for fans of R&B, indie pop, and adult alternative music.  She is a true artist in every sense of the word and she has a mountain of potential ahead of her.  I can’t wait to see what the future has in store for Abra.  Madness To Creation rates her an 8.5 out of 10 stars for her artistry and for her offering a fresh take on the r&b genre.

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