When one thinks of the bands Dragonforce and Slipknot, one automatically thinks of metal, but metal that is accessible for the mainstream rock listener.  However, Fred Leclercq and Joey Jordison(who has since left Slipknot and is with Vimic), have released their EP follow-up to “Echoes Of The Tortured” on November 10th via earMUSIC.  The “Ashes” EP contains three new tracks, two EP exclusive tracks and a remix to “Dead Souls” offered by French producer Frederic Duquesne.

The “Ashes” EP starts off with the title track.  Unlike, Sinsaenum’s previous offering “Echoes Of The Tortured”, this effort is more bludgeoning, more extreme, and one can tell that the supergroup challenged themselves to make the riffs more extreme and the blast beats scream of more brutality.  The riffs are undeniable as it immediately causes necks to snap due to excessive amounts of whiplash caused by headbanging.  The riffs in “Ashes” are raw.  “Monarch Of Death” is a nod to death/extreme metal, which showcases another layer in the musicianship of Leclercq and Jordison.  “Monarch Of Death” takes a stab at organized religion and how the new order is going to shove their views down everyone’s throat in an “eye to eye” sort of fashion just as they feel worshipers shove organized religion down everyone’s throats.  I especially appreciate the spoken word part in “Monarch Of Death” and the tempo that Seth Heimoth provides on the bass while Joey Jordison slays on the drums.  “2099 (Heretics)” showcases the death/progressive side to Sinsaenum as the outro and the guitar work is uncanny, while incorporating a solo that tells the story of the song and causes fists to be pumped in the air.

Overall, if you want something completely non-melodic and music that just flat out slays, then go pick up a copy of “Ashes” by Sinsaenum.  There is a great chemistry in this supergroup that is composed of members of Dragonforce, Vimic, Daath, Mayhem, and Loudblast, and there seems to be that vision of creating metal to the extreme and to continue to push the boundaries of extreme metal.  “Ashes” by Sinsaenum gets a solid 7.5 out of 10 stars for the brutal nature of the EP.  Check out the track listing below!

  1.  Ashes
  2.  Monarch Of Death
  3.  2099 (Heretics)
  4.  Degeneration (Japanese Bonus Track)
  5.  King Of The Desperate Lands (Japanese Bonus Track)
  6.  Dead Souls (Frederic Duquesne Mix)

Check out the music video for “Ashes” below!

Go pick up a copy of “Ashes” at I-Tunes here!

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