Through a handful of music projects out of Michigan, Absofacto began creating his own material in 2008 as he released several EPs and singles on his website and on his BandCamp page.  Absofacto combines EDM, indie-pop, and pop-rock and he is creating some unique music that is heartfelt, rave-worthy, and club-worthy, while still having that coffeeshop feel to the music.

In 2011, Absofacto released his debut album entitled “Sinking Islands”.  Absofacto’s music has also been featured on the underground hit television drama “Being Human”, which airs on BBC in the U.K. and airs on SyFy in North America.  Absofacto incorporates a heavy dosage of indie pop-rock on the track “No Power”.  Check it out below!

In 2013, Absofacto released the “Loners” EP along with two singles “History Books” and “Dissolve”.  “Dissolve” boasts over 1.3 million hits on YouTube and it allows the listener to unpack another layer of Absofacto, with having an old-school vibe mixed with indie pop hooks.  Many people have drawn comparisons to the likes of Alt-J and Gorillaz in this song.  Check it out!  “Dissolve” topped the Hype Machine charts and earned millions of streams from Spotify, making it a viral classic for Absofacto.

In 2017, Absofacto was featured on the song “Trouble” by EDM duo The Knocks, who are based out of New York.  Absofacto also recently released the EP “Thousand Peaces”, which features the songs “Dissolve”, “Done With Love”, and “Light Outside”.  In “Done With Love”, Absofacto recruited Herizen in the song.  The music video was released in early November 2017 and it already has over 16,000 hits on YouTube as of press time.

Madness To Creation’s take:

I believe that with the right television or movie placement, Absofacto will be well on his way to stardom in America.  He has a smooth pop voice with an impressive vocal range and he is not afraid to try new mixes or new arrangements in the music.  He has kind of a Gorillaz type of vibe to the music.  It has an AM Radio feel to it meets New Wave meets today’s indie pop melodies.  Absofacto, upon first listen, is quite an enjoyable listen due to the diverse worldly arrangements in the pop hooks and he also incorporates a bit of EDM into the music.  The “Thousand Peaces” EP is quite a palatable offering for Absofacto which is quite the appetizer before the main course as Madness To Creation rates it 8 out of 10 stars.

Thousand Peaces by Absofacto

Fans can pick it up at this link!

Fans can also find Absofacto at the following locations:


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