Editor’s Note:  It was a treat talking with Meghan Herring, drummer of Doll Skin. Doll Skin has been on Warped Tour, shared the stage with Alice Cooper on several occasions, and toured nationwide with One-Eyed Doll this year alone!  Not to mention Doll Skin has received rave reviews on their record entitled “Manic Pixie Dream Girl”.  What a year it has been for Doll Skin, and Meghan just turned 21 this year!  Find Doll Skin at www.dollskinband.com !  Without further delay, here is Madness To Creation’s conversation with Meghan Herring of Doll Skin!

Madness To Creation:  How has the “Something Wicked” tour with CO-OP been going so far?

Meghan:  It has been over for a while now, but it was absolutely incredible! We gained so many new fans, and became super close with both One-Eyed Doll and CO-OP. Kimberly Freeman is one of the most genuine, kind, selfless, wonderful ladies in this industry. Her and her team in One-Eyed Doll gave us the time of our life while touring the states!

M.T.C.:  Any connections with Alice Cooper, and what has been the craziest memory of the tour?

Meghan:  One encounter with Alice was when we competed in Alice Cooper‘s Proof Is In The Pudding competition. This was a battle of the bands, and the prize was to open for him at his annual Christmas Pudding show. We didn’t win, but we made it to the finals that year and Alice took recognition of us, which is so cool! Our FIRST encounter was when Alex and myself played ‘Eighteen’ and ‘School’s Out’ with him for a School of Rock event before Doll Skin was even a thing. We reunited with him at the Whiskey A Go Go for the last night of the One-Eyed Doll tour when Alex and Sydney got up on stage to play with him! So crazy!


Meghan:   I can’t pick just one, so here’s a few:
1. CO-OP dressed up as us for Halloween
2. We got a full tour of the Sweetwater Music HQ, and got to play an acoustic set there.
3. We witnessed a semi flip over on the highway, and an older man in a small car got hit in the process. Sydney and our tour manager Dom tried to pry the man out of the car in the pouring rain. Thankfully everyone is okay!
4. I celebrated my 21st birthday at the beginning of the tour. The girls and Kimberly showered me with presents and a surprise birthday cake on stage. I felt so blessed! Also my mom surprised me and flew out to see me for my birthday!

M.T.C.:  I love the music video for “Daughter”, essentially what is the message behind the song and whats your favorite and least favorite thing about making a music video?

Meghan:  Thank you so much! The message behind the song has transformed over its production. Overall, it tells the story of an emotionally abusive relationship between parent and daughter. In the face of overwhelming odds, never abandon your sense of self love. Take it one day at a time. Keep on breathing. 

Our favorite thing about making a music video is that we get to artistically express our music in more ways than just playing it! We get to express it through visual art. It’s incredible! Our least favorite thing? In our opinion, there’s no downside!

“Daughter” by Doll Skin

M.T.C.:  Tell us about the partnership with Dave Ellefson of Megadeth and EMP Label Group!

Meghan:  Believe it or not, we met David Ellefson at our first gig EVER. When I was a junior in high school, I handpicked the girls to compete in this battle of the bands at my school called Rock Revelation. I knew them all through School of Rock Scottsdale. We ended up taking first place out of 10 bands! Not only that, but David Ellefson was the celebrity guest judge that night! He said he had fallen in love with us that night, and we were on cloud nine. After about another year of running into him at shows we would happen to be playing, he offered to manage us, which we gladly accepted! He created EMP Label Group JUST to put us on a label, and of course, sign more bands along the way! 

M.T.C.:  What can fans expect from Manic Pixie Dream Girl if they haven’t picked it up yet?

Meghan:  Manic Pixie Dream Girl captures a moment in time for us. A time where we were finding out who we were as musicians and who we were as a band. Manic Pixie Dream Girl is an aggressive, raging record that we are extremely proud of. We filled it with empowering songs of feminism, personal struggle, and anti alt-right anthems. Overall, we wanted the message of the record to be that you can be a strong woman and be the leading role in your own story. 

“Shut Up(You Miss Me)” by Doll Skin

M.T.C.:  Tell us about the day in the life of Doll Skin in terms of creating a song?

Meghan:  Writing a song is a very collaborative process for us. One of us will come to practice with a riff, a melody, a beat, or a lyric, and just jam it out! Songs can develop very quickly, or one song can take us months to finish!

M.T.C.:  Fun Question:  You win a VIP pass to any headliner alive or dead, and you ask that artist/band one question: Who do you go see and what do you ask them?

Meghan:  My Chemical Romance FOR SURE! If I could ask them one question, it would be, to be honest I’ve been stuck on this question for about ten minutes. I would probably be too star struck to speak.

M.T.C.:  You all performed several shows on Vans Warped Tour!  Tell us about that experience!

Meghan:  The Vans Warped Tour changed our lives. We were only on for a week, but we learned more about ourselves during that tour more than any other tour we’ve had. We made so many new fans, met some incredible bands, and grew as musicians! It was a dream come true!

M.T.C.:  What was your reaction when the announcement came that Vans Warped Tour was drawing to a close?

Meghan:  We were totally shocked. We’ve been attending Warped since way before Doll Skin formed. Plus it changed us as a band when we were on it. So we are sad about it coming to an end, but also very proud of Kevin Lyman and his team for putting together the monster that is Warped every year! 

M.T.C.:  Anything else you would like to add, message to the fans, and where people can find Doll Skin?

Meghan:  Our hearts are endlessly dedicated to our fans. Thank you for supporting us through everything. We’ll be coming for you very soon. Our plans for 2018 are massive.

You can find us on iTunes, Spotify, Google Play, and more! We’ve got an Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, but sadly, no myspace…yet. Visit us at www.dollskinband.com!

Doll Skin has some tour dates coming up!  Check out tour dates listed below!

Sunday, December 3rd- Emo Nite in Los Angeles, California(appearing with Aaron Gillespie and Teenage Wrist)

Monday, December 4th- Green Room in Flagstaff, Arizona

Friday, December 8th- Club Congress in Tucson, Arizona (appearing with Sick Puppies and Charming Liars)

Tuesday, January 16th- Jack’s Bar in San Antonio, Texas (appearing with North American Pharoahs, Buried Alike, and Moronic Behavior)

Thursday, January 18th- Southport Music Hall in New Orleans, Louisiana (appearing with The Other LA)

Sunday, January 21st- Shiprocked in Port Canaveral, Florida (with Kaleido)

Saturday, January 27th- Propaganda in Lake Worth, Florida

Friday, February 2nd- Fish Head Cantina in Halethorpe, Maryland (appearing with September Mourning)

For tickets and further information for any show listed above, click here!




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