At least my headline didn’t say, nose picking good.  Outlaws & Moonshine are prepared to build that bridge between outlaw country western music and rock with their November 24th release entitled “The Devil In The Moonshine”, which is released via Nemesis Records/Vanity Music Group.

Outlaws & Moonshine is composed of Beau Van on lead vocals/guitars, Mike Back on guitars/vocals, Travis on slide guitar, Chris Van on bass/vocals, and Eric Piper on drums.  They have toured with the likes of Jackyl and Wayland, and are bound to make some southern fried, grease fried, Americana noise to the masses.

The album starts off with the title track “Devil In The Moonshine”.  It is the tale about how “the devil made me do it”, and it is that song where I envision a rusty old jukebox in a dive location and the country folk and the moshers suddenly come together in unity because this band offers the wonderful compromise between those that want to mosh and those that want to swig down beers and boogie on down with their friends and loved ones.  This album offers big guitar riffs, that country twang and swag, and just that all around good feeling where it’s about the music and about getting together with friends before a bonfire and just reminisce about the good old days and tell funny stories with one another.

Outlaws & Moonshine is at their best when they are midtempo and offer up some emotions, case in point with the tracks “Don’t Be Scared” and “Ride Or Die”.  Those tracks tell stories about that friend that you always get in trouble with, yet the memories are everlasting, and it is chocked full of emotion in those tracks.  Beau Van does an impeccable job making their choruses infectious and catchy and have that bridge between an outlaw feel to the music, while make it appealing with those that are into country groups such as Florida Georgia Line.  The guitar licks are bluesy, feelsy, and just have aw wonderful rhythm throughout.  The guitar solo in “Don’t Be Scared” is a memorable lick in the instrumental break.

Outlaws & Moonshine are for those that like to mix Zac Brown Band with the likes of Jackyl, but the outlaw country rock ways are turned up to 11.  It will appeal to those that just want to throw up the horns and want to rock and to those that want to get their shitkickers on and swig back some ice cold Budweisers and have a night to remember with their friends and loved ones.  This is a fantastic record!  Madness To Creation rates this a 9 out of 10!

Check out the track listing below!

  1.  Devil In The Moonshine
  2.  (Here Comes) Bobby
  3.  Don’t Be Scared
  4.  Ride Or Die
  5.  Boom
  6.  Cootie Brown
  7.  Whiskey
  8.  Hey Y’all
  9.  Redneck Me
  10.  Different Kind Of Man

Check out the album sampler below!

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