Editor’s Note:  When Loudwire acknowledges your album “unReal” as “Best of 2017”, you know that My Ticket Home is offering something special in their music.  Believe me when I say it, the more I listen to “unReal”, the more layers that there are to unpack and the more sides you see to the band My Ticket Home.  They have recently came off of their successful tour providing support for hard rock heavyweights Nothing More and Hell Or Highwater and they recently announced that they will be performing at Rock On The Range in Columbus, Ohio, which is occurring from May 18th-20th.  Information in regards to Rock On The Range will be below the interview!  Check out our conversation with Matt Gallucci of My Ticket Home below!

Madness To Creation:  What does “puke rock” mean?

Matt:  Puke Rock is our genre, our clique, and our motto. It started when we wrote “Strangers Only” and knew that people would try to categorize us with genre tags that were far from the truth. It went from being almost a joke to basically being our brand. The “puke” isn’t literal but its been known to be on occasion.

“Hot Soap” by My Ticket Home off of “Strangers Only”

M.T.C.:  What are some things that make you wanna puke?

Matt:  Fake drums, fake people, and Osiris D3’S

M.T.C.:  How did the tour with Nothing More and Hell Or Highwater go?

Matt:  The tour was absolutely amazing, beyond what we expected by a mile. Apart from the shows and everyone on the tour being great, we learned a lot. It changed the way we think about putting on a show, selling merch, and even writing songs.

M.T.C.:  What are some valuable life lessons you learned from the tour?

Matt:  No matter how broke you get or how many times your vehicle breaks down, its more than worth it in the end.

M.T.C.:  Craziest fan interaction that you have ever had?

Matt:  A guy tripping on mushrooms impersonating Randy Savage.

M.T.C.:  Most memorable moment on the tour with Nothing More and Hell Or Highwater?

Matt:  Playing to a sold out crowd in Denver, with Nick puking (from illness) during “Kick Rocks” and finishing the set. It was the day Puke Rock lived.

“Kick Rocks” by My Ticket Home

M.T.C.:  Tell us about the video for “Hyperreal”, what is the message of the song, and I love the early 2000 type of feel to it.

Matt:  While the song itself could have many meanings, the video is about how playing music and being on stage is our drug of choice.

“Hyperreal” by My Ticket Home

M.T.C.:  What can fans expect from “unReal”?  What was the best part about writing and creating this record?

Matt:  Fans can expect hints of heavier puke rock mixed with moodier, more experimental sounds on our part. Our heaviest songs to date and also our softest. Making the record was an amazing experience, I think the best part was being at Sonic Ranch Studios experimenting with different sounds and textures. We had full creative freedom.

M.T.C.:  What does the rest of the year have in store for My Ticket Home?

Matt:  There are some tours and shows in the works, and mainly getting started on the next album.

M.T.C.:  Anything else you want to add in regards to the record or a message to the fans!

Matt:  unReal is out. Listen, stream it, buy it. PUKE ROCK OR DIE!

And there you have it!  Go pick up a copy of “unReal” here via I-Tunes!

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Rock On The Range 2018

For tickets and further information on hotel accommodations, etc., click here!

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