For the first time in seven years since “The Constant” was released in 2010, St. Louis, Missouri’s own Story Of The Year has released “Wolves”.  “Wolves” is produced by Aaron Sprinkle, who has produced the likes of New Found Glory, Underoath, and Acceptance.

We all remember Story Of The Year as the band that has given us amazing songs that dominated MTV’s Total Request Live such as “Until The Day I Die” and “Anthem Of Our Dying Day”.  Those aforementioned songs were written with a teenage angst about them and had a certain amount of aggression behind those songs that spurred on the “alternative/emo” generation of music.  Fast forward through all of those years and Story Of The Year has grown up with the members of the band being fathers and left wondering if they should continue as a band.  I am very freaking glad that they made that decision to take those thoughts and explore their creativity in their music and songwriting.

“Wolves” starts off with the title track opener.  It sounds like it could be that type of grand entrance that builds an anticipatory set towards what’s coming in.  “Wolves” immediately reminds the listener to buckle their seatbelts in anticipation of what Story Of The Year has brewed up for the past seven years.  The anticipatory setting is now in place.

“How Can We Go On” talks about that feeling that one is at when one is at the crossroads of life, not in a depressing sort of way, but in the sense is there that calling one has in order.  Fans will immediately reminisce over the versatile vocals that Dan Marsela possesses, and the versatility of Ryan Phillips as a guitarist, along with Philip Sneed transitioning from guitarist to bassist in the band.

“Bang Bang” brings about that rock anthem feel that Story Of The Year trademarked.  That feeling that one can conquer any obstacle because they have Story Of The Year as the soundtrack to their life.  It has that amazing balance showing the evolution and maturation of the band while bringing that nostalgic feeling back.  During this song, fists are in the air, moshing is ensued, and obstacles are conquered.

“Youth” is a 52 second instrumental that showcases the evolution of “Wolves”.  There is some synthesizers and a bit of an 80’s arena rock feel in the intro to “I Swear I’m Okay”.  It showcases more of the mid-tempo ballad rock of Story Of The Year.  The synths blend in nicely with the arrangements in the music.  “Miracle” has such an awesome build with the programming, pop feel in the chorus, but it has that soaring chorus that they have trademarked.

This is the record that Story Of The Year fans have been waiting for for seven years!  It is their most mature offering yet!  8.5 out of 10 stars!  Check out the track listing below!

  1.  Wolves
  2.  How Can We Go On
  3.  Bang Bang
  4.  Youth
  5.  I Swear I’m Okay
  6.  Miracle
  7.  Can Anybody Hear Me
  8.  A Part Of Me
  9.  Give Up My Heart
  10.  The Eternal Battle For Mike Cronin’s Soul(To Be Alive Again)
  11.  My Home
  12.  Goodnight My Love
  13.  Like Ghosts
  14.  Praying For Rain

As of now, Story Of The Year has announced a couple of tour dates in Chicago and St. Louis.  Check them out below!

Friday, January 19th- Bottom Lounge in Chicago, Illinois

Saturday, January 20th- The Pageant- in St. Louis, Missouri

Check out Story Of The Year at the following locations:

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