On December 8th, Houston, Texas power metal masters Wildestarr released their dramatic record entitled “Beyond The Rain” via Scarlet Records.  It promises to be a power metal record that fans won’t soon forget.

Wildestarr is composed of Dave Starr on guitars and bass.  Fans might have heard of Dave Starr from Vicious Rumors and Chastain.  Wildestarr is also composed of London Wilde on vocals and Josh Foster on drums.  There is a certain enigmatic power behind this music.

The record starts off with a one-minute(approximately) entitled “Metamorphose”.  The track causes the listener to buckle in their seatbelts and causes the listener to whip their neck at every single turn that the track takes.  Then it takes the listener into the that roller coaster thrill ride of a track entitled “Beyond The Rain”.  London Wilde immediately showcases her power metal vocal prowess with that power behind her vocals and storytelling in her vocals, while Dave Starr slays it on the guitars and bass, and Josh carries his weight by thundering behind the kit.  This was a tremendous way to start off a power metal record.

What I look for in a power metal record are lyrics that are somewhat fantasized, guitar riffs that will cause your neighbors to rock out, and a rhythm section that registers on the Richter Scale.  Wildestarr certainly showcases that power in the tracks “Undersold” and “From Shadows” with seamless transitions and a tremendous blending of the vocals and guitars.  Wildestarr also showcases their more sensitive side while talking of dramatic and dark lyrics in “Crimson Fifths”, which allows the listener to unpack another layer of Wildestarr.

I know that a lot of music media outlets have created their top ten lists in metal and its subgenres.  Before you complete that list, have a listen to “Beyond The Rain” by Wildestarr!  Power metal is back as “Beyond The Starr” earns an 8 out of 10 stars from Madness To Creation!  Go pick up your copy today!  Check out the track listing below!

  1.  Metamorphose
  2.  Beyond The Rain
  3.  Pressing The Wires
  4.  Double Red
  5.  Down Cold
  6.  Rage And Water
  7.  Crimson Fifths
  8.  Undersold
  9.  From Shadow
  10.  When The Night Falls

Check out Wildestarr at the following locations:



Check out the video to “Beyond The Rain” below

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