This next review is proof that if you become a social media star, or social media icons, sadly you can make music.  I understand that they’re having fun and being in love while they are making music, but this is why I cannot stand social media.  I’m referring to The Ace Family.

First of all, it’s a disturbing trend in our country where we feel that we have to document every waking moment and everything that we do in our lives.  Yet, The Ace Family has made some viral videos involving family life, some of their videos get millions of hits, and yet they somehow have it in their head that they are talented enough to make music.

In 2017, The Ace Family has released three singles thus far.  The first single speaks of love entitled “You’re My Ace”.  They’ve also released the Halloween themed single entitled “Halloween Carnival”.  Warning, the voice is so high pitched and unnatural sounding that the hashtag will be #RIPHearing #RIPTheAbilityToHear.  Talk about cheesy dumbass lyrics that lack any sort of substance.

If you made it through the song, congratulations.  I used to be against the repeal of net neutrality.  Since they showed up in the list for A-Z lyrics, I am obligated to write about them.  Enjoy your 15 minutes of fame while you can The Ace Family.  Time’s up soon.

Madness To Creation Rating: 1 out of 10 stars.  And I’m being nice.

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