Out of Jackson, Tennessee is a band that is prepared to take the indie music world by storm as their melodies and arrangements dance an incredible sonnet in your head, and that is Coopertheband.  Coopertheband released their album entitled “Kingdoms” on July 13th.

Coopertheband is composed of Cooper Brown, Phoebe Scott, Will Kwasigroh, Matt Hammonds, Joseph Kyle, and Patricia Taylor.  They take spiritual, passion-filled, and absolute uplifting anthems, and they have their arrangements soar to the sky with their lush beats, wonderful harmonies to create some incredible indie music.

“Kingdoms” starts off with a track entitled “Rebels”.  Listeners will immediately notice the really cool percussion in the music, lush arrangements, and Phoebe Scott singing with a profound message.  In this, Phoebe sounds strong, yet her voice sounds sweet and a bit romantic at the same time, which makes for a nice blending to go along with the arrangements of the music.  The chorus sounds like it is meant for that perfect television placement that proclaims those roadtrips that we all daydream about.

“Kingdoms” transitions into “Mercy!”.  I love the tradeoff in the vocals between Cooper Brown and Phoebe Scott in this track.  The harmonies are absolutely lush and the music is undoubtedly spirit-filled as it will cause the listener to close their eyes and just absolutely get lost in the music.  It sounds like it’s absolutely worshipful as well, yet it is absolutely palatable to those that may not believe in God or in a higher power of some sort, because it is so spiritual and uplifting.  The instrumental break and the ambiance provided in the music sounds triumphant, the guitar harmonics make this song incredibly addictive.

“Moon Pt. 1” and “Collarbones” offer those moments of stillness, and there is a broken feeling in the songs, yet the vulnerability of the aforementioned songs have a great sense of hope and healing in the music.  The ambiance and the arrangements in the song absolutely stand out.

Let Coopertheband spring forth some life into your heart and soul with “Kingdoms”.  It is one of those moments where Madness To Creation will be waiting with baited breath to see where Coopertheband ends up because the atmosphere into outer space is the limit for this band.  I cannot wait to have others discover this band!  10 out of 10 stars for being absolutely blown away.  Check out the track listing below!

  1.  Rebels
  2.  Mercy!
  3.  We Ran As If To Meet The Moon
  4.  Moon Pt. 1
  5.  Abigail
  6.  Collarbones
  7.  Invisible Man
  8.  Moon Pt. 2
  9.  Home
  10.  Undignified
  11.  Kingdoms

On Saturday, March 31st, Coopertheband will be appearing at Backstage Pass, which is at Clemens Fine Arts Center in Paducah, Kentucky.  Further information on this performance can be found here!  Check out the music video to “Rebels” below!

Find Coopertheband at the following locations:



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