Editor’s Note:  So much music came out it was ridiculous!  I didn’t listen to everything, however, as picky as I am when it comes to music, these songs were my absolute favorite for the year.  You will be surprised based upon my song selections and the like!  Check out my list in no particular order.

  1.  “The Sin and The Sentence” by Trivium.  This song instantly went from a band that I liked and I dug to becoming a superfan of this band!  I want to see them live every chance that I get and adding a drummer extraordinaire in Alex Bent caused Corey, Matt, and Paolo to up their game, and what was created was one of the best metal songs I have heard in a long time!  The chorus resonates with so many people as well!

2.  “You Are We” by While She Sleeps

The Sheffield metalcore band created an album that came very close to me putting in my top five Frisson albums of the year for 2017!  The interesting thing was I never heard this song until I heard it live, and I remember being in the photo pit and the song literally ran the gamut of emotions and I just stood there in awe at the outro of the song.  It’s one of those songs that is a gamechanger considering today’s political and societal climate, yet it’s not “in your face” about it.  It is a call to unity instead of a call for war.  Check it out!

3.  “Mercy!” by Coopertheband

A quick story, was introduced to a new publicist who has worked with the likes of The National, Alvvays, and other indie bands.  Before I knew it, I was playing this song over and over again!  Coopertheband brings out the spirituality in their music, and this sounds just so fresh and new, where every part of the band sounds intriguing and inspiring.  Check it out!

4.  “I Want It All” by Hell Or Highwater

This song just rules!  Brandon Saller shows us why he’s one of our favorite vocalists in music today, and it was an honor and privilege to talk to him.  That moment when you want to chill and rock out at the same time!  That is Hell Or Highwater’s vibe in a nutshell.

5.  “The Voiceless” by Fire From The Gods

Again, a song that addresses police brutality and societal/political climate.  This song by Fire From The Gods absolutely brings out the tension that is felt in America today.  Poetic lyrics and a call to arms to address this issue is what this country needs and Fire From The Gods delivered!  Check it out!

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