Editor’s Note:  I wish I could afford an awards show and this is something I might do for next year, is actually have trophies made and deliver them to the bands/recording artists to make them “official”.  But with a shoestring budget, we’re doing what we can to recognize some powerful records and acts.  There have been so many records that have been wonderful in the year 2017 that I’m looking forward to seeing what 2018 has in store for the music world.  There have been records that we see the breakthrough of bands, records that have jumpstarted careers and there have been records that we begin to see the decline and inevitable decay of bands.  Here are the five awards for the Frisson Award for Record Of The Year!

5.  “Revolution On Repeat” by Troubled Horse.

Revolution on Repeat by Troubled Horse

My thoughts:  This record was an absolute throwback to what a mix of blues, rock and roll, and early doom/progressive metal sounded like.  “Hurricane” was such a slamming song.

Frisson Track:  “Hurricane”

4.  “Poison The Parish” by Seether

Poison The Parish by Seether

My thoughts:  This record was a smash of an album.  When one lets the proverbial ball and chain of the music industry go from Seether, you get the beast unleashed with this band.  Seether completely went back to their roots on this record, and for that, they should be recognized!

Frisson Track:  “Betray and Degrade”

3.  “Closure” by Adna

Closure by Adna

My thoughts:  What a beautifully depressing record this was to listen to.  The arrangements sounded completely organic, Adna sounded beautiful yet completely broken in the songs, and she showcased what meaningful songs and arrangements are all over again.  She is going to be one to look out for in Europe and I can see her eventually cross over into the United States.

Frisson Track:  “Closure”


2.  “Synesthesia” by Courage My Love

Synesthesia by Courage My Love

My thoughts:  Take a band that could’ve completely done what the industry wanted them to do and that is to make punk/alternative rock with small elements of hardcore, or go the completely unconventional route and create a very poppy record with elements of new wave and punk and create a sound that could be groundbreaking.  Courage My Love chose to trailblaze a path towards the latter to create one incredible record that continues to be on repeat to this day.

Madness To Creation’s Frisson Track: “Animal Heart”


And last but not least, the album that belongs in the Frisson Awards!  “Gravity” by Era 9!

Gravity by Era 9

My thoughts:  What the category is all about!  You are there to cover a show and interview a band(VYCES) and this band has some of the most slamming jams that you have heard, and they incorporate unpredictability, soulful singing, and amazing rhymes.  You put in the CD in your car, and you are suddenly manipulated by the arrangements, rhymes, and singing in the album.  This is what frisson feels like!

Frisson Track:  “Warrior”

And there you have it!  Congrats to Adna, Courage My Love, Era 9, Seether, and Troubled Horse for making the top five list for Madness To Creation’s Frisson Record of the Year!


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