Editor’s Note:  This band went viral when they were young kids by playing some fantastic metal in the streets of Times Square.  Unlocking The Truth signed a major label deal with Sony, for reasons I’m sure they can’t disclose, things didn’t work out, and they decided that creativity and the art of making music was more important than boatloads of money and fame, so Unlocking The Truth is doing things independently from here on out.  After interviewing Unlocking The Truth, I came to the conclusion that they are more mature than most adults that I know!  They have recently released their music video for “My Chains”, I am anticipating that 2018 could be a great year for Unlocking The Truth!  Fans can check out Unlocking The Truth at the following locations:



Madness To Creation:  What are some pressures making it in the biz being teenagers in a hard rock/metal band?

Malcolm Brickhouse(guitars):  One of the main pressures of being a teenager in this kind of business is being able to have a strong voice when it comes to the business and decision-making side of things. I say this because we are surrounded by adults who frequently question our teenage opinions/viewpoints, which I feel should be looked at as an equal option with equal relevance and power as the adults.

Alec Atkins (bass):  Some of the pressures in making it in the biz being a teenager are being able to find gigs around our school schedule, having people take us seriously and getting kids of our generation to listen to our genre of music.

Jarad Dawkins (drums)  A pressure that makes it hard being a teenager in the music business, for myself, is school.  School takes up majority of my time, so it’s a little bit harder to create better opportunities for the band when school is in session.

Madness To Creation:  I absolutely love the vibe to “My Chains”, the riffs are ridiculous, what inspired the song, and what does the writing process for Unlocking The Truth look like?

Malcolm:  When I wrote the lyrics, it was inspired by seeing how people cope with their problems. Some of the coping mechanisms people use may be self-detrimental, so the song explains both sides of coping; the good and bad. The writing process happens a lot of the time on digital software.  Whether we start with the drums, guitar, bass, synths, or vocals, we write the songs like building blocks and stack the instruments and melodies on top of each other and put them in the right places until the song is completed.

Jarad:  The writing method for Unlocking The Truth these days are all collaborative efforts. The band practice sessions are the time we come together to create new music.

Madness To Creation:  When you don’t feel motivated in the studio, what inspiration do you draw from to get motivated in the studio?

Malcolm:   If I don’t feel motivated, it’s usually because I’m trying too hard to work on the same song for a long time. I’ll switch to something new or more interesting at the time and let my mind flow, trying not to overthink.

Alec:   I draw motivation from personal experience.

Jarad:  Honestly, there hasn’t been times where I wasn’t motivated to make new music. The studio creates the aesthetic to create.

Madness To Creation:  What was the big reason why you all walked away from the deal with Sony?

Malcolm:  Things just didn’t work out. Not much to say because the split had less to do with Unlocking The Truth than people may think.

Alec:  No comment.

Jarad:  Things didn’t work out with them as we thought.

Madness To Creation:  Why go indie? What’s the major difference you’ve noticed between the major record deal and going indie?

Malcolm:  You don’t need a label to get your name out there anymore because we have the internet. If you are willing to work hard, be patient, never quit, and own everything, then stay independent.  If you want the quick way, which isn’t always a good idea, you can go with the label – not saying that labels are bad.

Alec:  When you go indie, you have full control over what you want to do, because there’s no one controlling your creative process.

Jarad:  When you’re independent, there’s nobody backing your movement but yourself.  With a major label, you have an organization investing their money into your business/your brand.  That’s mostly the biggest difference. 

Madness To Creation:  Tell me about performing in Times Square as those videos have gone viral. Favorite thing about New York?

Malcolm:  Being in Times Square all day really prepared us for performing at any event..  The videos going viral was the start of pretty much everything that has happened for us. It got us the record deal, big opening gigs like Coachella, AfroPunk Fest and Bonnaroo; and opening for bands like Metallica, Living Colour, Guns N Roses, and Marilyn Manson.  My favorite thing about New York is how big and culturally different it is.  People from all around the world live and come here and that’s why our YouTube videos did good in other countries.

Alec:  Performing in Times Square was a rush.  I enjoyed watching people’s reactions as they walked past and witnessed us playing some of our most magical sets.

Jarad:  My favorite thing about New York? I honestly don’t have a favorite thing about New York.  I hate it here.  It’s too expensive as well!

Madness To Creation:  Favorite subjects in school?

Malcolm:  My favorite subject in school is English, because it’s like practice writing for my lyrics and song structure.  I learn new words and new ways to use and arrange them.

Alec:  My favorite subject in school is forensic science, because it’s very hands on.

Jarad:  English is my favorite subject in school. I really love reading. I also love using literary devices, such as dramatic irony and putting these into our songs.

Madness To Creation:  One band you want to tour with and why?

Malcolm:  I would love to tour with Slipknot, because I love their wild crowds.  The more mosh pits, crowd surfing, jumping and sweating, the better.  Besides, who wouldn’t want to share the stage with Slipknot?

Alec:  I would like to tour with Bring Me The Horizon, because their music is highly interactive and they attract a young audience.

Jarad:   I wouldn’t want to tour with any band. The goal for me is for Unlocking The Truth to become big and not having to be a support band for somebody else’s tour.  I want somebody to open for us.

Madness To Creation:  What does 2018 have in store for Unlocking The Truth?

Malcolm:  You guys can expect Unlocking The Truth to be back in full affect.  More music, more videos, more shows. I can’t wait for fans to see us now – older than the band of little guys they used to see in Time Square!  Can’t give away too much, but 2018 is definitely going to be fresh and new.

Alec:  Hopefully, we will be working on new music and gain lots of publicity that will generate a bigger fan base, which will enable us to be a household name.

Jarad:  There are many, many opportunities for our band. I just can’t release those yet.

Madness To Creation:  Any New Year’s resolutions?

Malcolm:  I’ll focus on staying content with myself in this crazy world.  It’s easy to lose yourself here, so I’ll just have to remind myself of my true purpose.

Alec:  My new year’s resolution is to become a better me and pursue a music career that will be very successful.

Jarad:  Become the biggest band than ever before. Starting a fire in the world caused by Unlocking The Truth.

Madness To Creation:  Give us a message to the fans.

Malcolm:  Keep doing what you love no matter what.  You never know when, but if you work hard enough and long enough at something, it’ll work.  If you truly love your craft, you’ll think less of possible future success and you’ll be more focused on the craft anyway.  Then the day will come when you’ll see everyone appreciate your work just as much as you do.

Alec:  Stay true to yourself and never give up on your dreams, no matter what others may say or think of your talent.

Jarad:  Stay true to yourself.  Always follow your dreams.

And there you have it!  Fans can listen to or pick up a copy of “Chaos” by Unlocking The Truth here!  Be on the lookout for more from Unlocking The Truth this year!




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