On January 12th, The Big Ol’ Nasty Getdown is gearing up for its release of “Volume 2” worldwide.  Some of the people in this jam session include Vernon Reid of Living Colour, Speech of Arrested Development, Larry Dunn of Earth, Wind & Fire, and Fred Wesley of The James Brown Band.  Improvisation, and an eclectic mix of rock, soul, funk, and jazz with some hip-hop and Motown flair will be at the forefront of this release.

This will be The Big Ol’ Nasty Getdown’s first release since 2007 when the idea was conceived by John Heintz at the French Quarter in New Orleans.  The musicians that were all there for this time around met at a huge cabin in Asheville, North Carolina, proceeded to get together over the sense of camaraderie and over the common passion and desire to make memorable music.  BBQ’s were had, improvised jam sessions were created, and before they knew it, “Volume 2” was recorded, engineered, produced, and finalized.

The album features a plethora of a brass section that will make fans of jazz and funk music swoon as the brass instruments sound lively and full of delight and purpose behind each note that is played.  A diverse array of artists are featured on this jam session/project including Speech of Arrested Development getting his shine on in the opening track entitled “Rock It”.

Arrested Development was quite a popular hip-hop group in the early 1990’s and Speech sounds like he did not miss any sort of flow and he kept on keeping on with his wordplay and lyricism in the opening track entitled “Rock It”.  The track mixes funk, groove, with a bit of a classic rock flair to it.  The brass section gives it somewhat of a big band feel to the music as well.  In this offering, The Big Ol’ Nasty Getdown offers an instrumental version of “Rock It” which adds another dimension to the music.

“Love Somebody” features crooner Laura Reed where the organ is laid on thick as she croons behind the gospel-tinged organ and the jazz infused ambiance in the background.  The rhythm section certainly brings about the edge into the song.  The rhythm section needs to be noted as the drum and the bass are both definitely the driving force behind this song.

“Groovy Nasty” turns the funk up to 11 and it incorporates that 70’s/80’s Motown that has Morris Day & The Time and The Gap Band written all over it.  The organ is laid on thick and RonKat Spearman brings the vocals and adds an element of charisma and flair to the music.  The bass is packed full of groove and rhythm in “Mantra” which features Speech and Kendra Foster.  This will cause the listeners to get their groove on and get a Soul Train line dance going on.  “Mantra” definitely brings the listener back to the golden age of music, and it seems to be paying an homage to the golden age of music, to those pioneers that paved the way throughout pop culture history.

Overall, this album is a sick jam session! The musicians are on point and you can feel that the musicians that collaborated on this project known as The Big Ol’ Nasty Getdown had a groovy time, it shows in the camaraderie between friends that just love music and you can tell that there was a bond formed between all the musicians through this incredible jam session.  Madness To Creation gives this a 9 out of 10 stars!  Check out the track listing below!

  1.  Rock It featuring Speech
  2.  Love Somebody featuring Laura Reed
  3.  Groovy Nasty featuring RonKat Spearman
  4.  Mantra featuring Kendra Foster and Speech
  5.  B4U Loved Me featuring Rev. Desmond D’Angelo
  6.  Dream featuring Taylor Dayne
  7.  Past Present Future
  8.  Words featuring Laura Reed
  9.  Creatures Of Habit featuring Angelo Moore
  10.  Rock It (instrumental)
  11.  Love Somebody (instrumental)
  12.  Groovy Nasty (instrumental)
  13.  Mantra (instrumental)
  14.  Creatures Of Habit (instrumental)

Check out “Mantra” below!

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