On January 12th, The Creptter Children will be releasing their latest EP entitled “Asleep With Your Devil” via Imminence Records.  Fans can expect a whirlwind of goth, industrial, with a touch of sensuality in the music.

Out of Melbourne, Australia, The Creptter Children are composed of Iballa Chantelle on vocals/guitars and N8oR on guitars/synths.  After a hiatus, they reappeared in 2016 and released their music video for “Watching You” and signed with American label Imminence Records.

In her songwriting, Iballa boasts of creativity, being open minded, and seems to have some searching for the supernatural going on in her lyrics.  The opening track “Watching You” definitely has some European metal of a group like Within Temptation mixed with a bit of a Rob Zombie flair in terms of horror and fantasy.  Iballa’s vocals are strong, the drums provide a nice rhythm, and synthesizers add a nice backdrop without sounding obnoxious.  Too many bands make the synths sound obnoxious and have an overkill, yet The Creptter Children do not fall into that trap.


The next track, entitled “Crazy”, really showcases Iballa’s vocal prowess with a mix of dark pop/gothic/metal, the song is quite infectious as it talks about herself as craving lust and passion with a dark twist to it, almost making it sound like she has a crazed obsession over the lust and passion.  This song is probably the most “accessible” to those that aren’t necessarily into the goth rock genre.  The guitar solo in the song is sweeping and it makes it sound epic.  “Asleep With Your Devil” showcases The Creptter Children in another layer with a blastbeat intro with a bit of sensuality, the guitars and production sound absolutely crisp in this track.

Throughout this EP, The Creptter Children have shown that they are here to stay with their infectious and sensual blend of gothic and industrial with a triumphant vibe to the music.  I am not one that gravitates towards this genre, however, The Creptter Children make the music quite palatable for it to potentially crossover multiple metal/rock subgenres.  Madness To Creation gives this EP a 9 out of 10 stars!  Check out the track listing below!

  1.  Watching You
  2.  Crazy
  3.  Asleep With Your Devil
  4.  It’s A Game
  5.  Killer

On January 12th, go pick up a copy of “Asleep With Your Devil” by The Creptter Children via Imminence Records!

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