Out of Norway is a band that has been crushing bones and melting faces with their pure unadulterated brand of rock since 2002, and that band is Audrey Horne.  On January 12th, they will be releasing their latest offering entitled “Blackout” via Napalm Records.

Audrey Horne has been shredding, partying, and causing fans in Europe and beyond to fall in love with them since their inception in 2002.  After naming their band after the Twin Peaks character, this is their follow up to their previous offering “Pure Heavy”, which has received worldwide critical acclaim.

This monster of a record starts off with a track entitled “This Is War”.  What an appropriately named title for an opening track considering the vision of Audrey Horne and that is the take no prisoners, we are hear to rock out with our bad selves type of mentality, and they’re inviting you to come join their party.  Their party becomes raucous with dynamic riffs, soaring melodies, and infectious driven choruses.  “Audrevolution” is the party anthem for the band, it is the type of song that causes listeners to get up out of their seats, dance, and have a good time, which perfectly signifies the band.

“This Man” has a memorable intro riff that if it catches on, people will remember the riff for YEARS AND YEARS to come, it immediately starts the toe-tapping, finger-snapping, pimp cane type of swagger in the song.  The transitions and progressions are seamless and ridiculous on how tight that they are.  The harmonies must be noted in that track.  “Satellite” has somewhat of a 1980’s new wave feel in the intro with how the rhythm pounds and how the bass grooves, it is more groovy than a Soul Train line dance.

Fans of the Napalm Records label will groan, bitch, and moan about this band simply because they are “not heavy enough”.  In a tangent, I’m getting really freaking tired of labels in this genre, there are two labels to me, and those two labels are good music and bad music.  Audrey Horne falls into the “exceptional music” label.  It is driven rock music that is about having a good time and has that nostalgic feel that will help the listener reminisce about the glory days of when metal and rock was purely classic metal and rock.  This record has absolutely no filler, in fact it was very easy for me to play this through over and over again, and that’s what a great record does!  For the feelgood vibes and the driving rhythms, “Blackout” by Audrey Horne gets 10 out of 10 stars from me!  Check out the track listing below.

  1.  This Is War
  2.  Audrevolution
  3.  Blackout
  4.  This Man
  5.  Midnight Man
  6.  Light Your Way
  7.  California
  8.  Satellite
  9.  Naysayer
  10.  Rose Alley

Audrey Horne has lined up some European tour dates to celebrate the release of “Blackout”!  Dead City Ruins and Magick Touch will be providing support on these dates. Check out the dates below!

Thursday, January 18th- Musik & Freiden in Berlin, Germany

Friday, January 19th- Willemeen in Arnhem, Netherlands

Saturday, January 20th- Le Petit Bain in Paris, France

Sunday, January 21st- Nachtleben in Frankfurt, Germany

Monday, January 22nd- Jungle in Cologne, Germany

Wednesday, January 24th- Borompompom in Oberentfelden, Switzerland

Thursday, January 25th- Kranhalle in Munich, Germany

Friday, January 26th- Beatpol in Dresden, Germany

Saturday, January 27th- Cafe The Jack in Eindhoven, Netherlands

Sunday, January 28th- Hafenklang in Hamburg, Germany

Fans can find Audrey Horne at the following locations:






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