Editor’s Note:  Deuce has recently released his latest record entitled “Invincible”.  Here he discusses the album, Donald Trump, and partying.  Find Deuce at the following locations:



In terms of the album, Deuce stated that fans can expect from “Invincible” a lot of energy, new arrangements in the sound due to him picking up new influences and new vibes from music that he’s been listening to, and that he is ready to play some shows in 2018.

During the interview, Deuce discussed his single to “Here I Come”.  He stated the song is about partying and just living life to the fullest and having a good time.  Check out the video below.

At concerts, Deuce stated that fans can expect to party and have a great time, and also if he saw Donald Trump at one of his concerts, he can go “fuck himself”, Deuce is excited to meet the fans as well!

Go pick up a copy of “Invincible” via Better Noise Records at any major online retailer and wherever records are sold!

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