Sometimes all it takes is some popularity on Instagram and making YouTube acoustic covers of pop artists such as Kelly Clarkson, Taylor Swift, John Legend, and Ellie Goulding and suddenly your videos become a viral sensation.  Such is the case for London, U.K. teenager Chloe Adams, who has used her sweet and innocent voice to make these great YouTube covers, and has now created a couple of original songs in order to catapult her career.

Her cover of “Perfect” by One Direction is probably her most famous cover as it boasts over 350,000 hits on YouTube.  Check it out below!

Chloe Adams also makes viral videos for Facebook of her acoustic songs, her video about depression has almost 58 million views on Facebook.  On her YouTube channel, she has also made various covers in three minutes that goes through the song catalog of artists, she’s done this covering Justin Bieber, the Evolution of Katy Perry, and the Evolution of Miley Cyrus.  About ten months ago, Chloe Adams released her debut music video(for an original song) for the cut “The Doctor Said”.  It is her take of either herself or someone battling anxiety and depression, along with 58 million views on Facebook, the video on YouTube on her channel boasts of over one million hits on YouTube.  Check it out below!

With her other two songs “Never Been Kissed” and “Pretty’s On The Inside”, Chloe Adams has taken her platform and made it about empowering oneself as an individual as well as empowering for women and teenage girls.  Her most recent YouTube original “Pretty’s On The Inside” boasts over 50,000 hits on YouTube.

Madness To Creation’s take:  Chloe Adams, the British singer/songwriter, has taken the stereotype of her being a “bubblegum pop artist” and smashed through the proverbial glass ceiling with her covers.  Her covers are unique as they offer her flair and a unique twist while paying homage to the artist.  Her original songs are certainly positive and empowering, which is something that is desperately needed in today’s pop music these days.  With Chloe Adams currently being 19 years old, she certainly has a bright future ahead of her, and she has effectively utilized social media, especially her Instagram and YouTube accounts to provide that launching pad towards a potential music career.  While, I can certainly appreciate her talent, her music isn’t my cup of tea, however, I feel that her target audience is more the teenager crowd, Madness To Creation will give her a generous 7 out of 10 stars.

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