With this review, I am befuddled that a legendary classic rock/metal band such as Magnum has created 20 albums and I have yet to hear anything by them.  On January 19th, Magnum has released their 20th album entitled “Lost On The Road To Eternity” via Steamhammer/SPV Records.

Magnum is composed of Bob Catley on vocals, Tony Clarkin on guitars, Rick Benton on keyboards, Al Barrow on bass, and Lee Morris on drums.  They take their charisma, their soaring arrangements, lyrics full of poetry and prose, and pack those elements in an arena and it spontaneously combusts into an arena that is full of rock and the pageantry that goes along with arena rock.

The arena rock album starts off with a memorable guitar riff that when it’s coincided with the insatiable rhythm section and Bob’s charismatic/Broadway showman type of vocals with the opening track “Peaches and Cream”.  “Peaches and Cream” immediately showcases that brand of rock that is missing in the forefront where people are there to boogie, get crazy, and dance along to the music.  The addition of Rick Benton on keyboards provides that additional swagger that Magnum possesses in the band.  The guitars that Tony Clarkin possesses are chocked full of riffs and rock while Bob Catley’s voice is mixed with Dio with a significant Sammy Hagar vibe in the vocals.  The guitar solo that Clarkin shreds in this song should immediately put him in the conversation of guitar soloists today.

This album doesn’t have your typical four-minute radio friendly bangers.  It has opuses that have progressive feel to it, yet it feels like you’re listening to a radio-friendly banger.  Case in point is the track “Welcome To The Cosmic Cabaret”.  This track showcases the storytelling fantasy anthems that Bob is known for, and I love how it builds an anticipatory setting with that toe-tapping groovy rhythm and where it builds into that anthem that makes the listener feel like they just won at life.  I love how it gets quiet during the bridge of the song and the transition from that quiet part to the guitar part and the groovy rhythm is as seamless as seamless gets.  I absolutely love how the song gets into a lull at the end with the bluesy guitar vibe that Clarkin possesses in the track.

Magnum showcases their diversity in the title track.  For this track, Magnum recruited the Wolf Kerschek Orchestra to provide some beautiful string arrangements that coincides with the progressive and sonic display of the band, that makes it feel like its Dream Theater from the Metropolis Part One era.  For a band that exhibits progression in the music, I love Magnum’s way of doing it.  Where many progressive bands lose their way with me is that while I can appreciate the experimentation of a progressive band, some of them tend to get lost in that they’re writing a song and serving the song instead of competing in a Battle Of The Bands competition.  Magnum certainly doesn’t fall into that trap as they provide a tremendous balance of showcasing their prowess while delicately serving the song in the same breath.  In the same token, “Without Love” has that guitar power-pop metal feel to it, that just oozes of sexiness and I envision people getting down with their bad selves with this song!  Check out the lyric video below!

I am absolutely late to the party, but Magnum absolutely rocks hard and provides that perfect blend of arena classic rock and progressive rock!  Go pick up “Lost On The Road To Eternity” wherever music is sold!  Because of their arrangements and their sleek way of crafting anthems in their music, this album gets a solid 9 out of 10 stars from me!  This makes me want to discover more of Magnum and comb through their discography!  Check out the track listing below!

  1.  Peaches and Cream
  2.  Show Me Your Hands
  3.  Storm Baby
  4.  Welcome To The Cosmic Cabaret
  5.  Lost On The Road To Eternity
  6.  Without Love
  7.  Tell Me What You’ve Got To Say
  8.  Ya Wanna Be Someone
  9.  Forbidden Masquerade
  10.  Glory To Ashes
  11.  King Of The World

Magnum will be touring Europe in support of the album, check out tour dates below!

MAGNUM Live 2018:

26.01.18 GB-Minehead – Giants Of Rock

20.02.18 GB-Bristol – Trinity

21.02.18 GB-Cardiff – Tramshed

23.02.18 GB-Holmfirth – Picturedome

24.02.18 GB-Manchester – Academy 2

25.02.18 GB-Hull – Welly

26.02.18 GB-Aberdeen – Garage

27.02.18 GB-Glasgow – Garage

01.03.18 GB-Belfast – Limelight

02.03.18 GB-Birmingham – Town Hall

04.03.18 GB-Preston – Guildhall

05.03.18 GB-Nottingham – Rock City

07.03.18 GB-Leamington – Assembly

08.03.18 GB-Cambridge – Junction

09.03.18 GB-London – Islington Assembly Hall

11.03.18 GB-Southampton – Engine Room

12.03.18 GB-Brighton – Old Market

14.03.18 NL-Leiden – Gebr de Nobel

16.03.18 SE-Stockholm – Fryshuset Klubben

17.03.18 NO-Oslo – John Dee

18.03.18 SE-Gothenburg – Sticky Fingers

19.03.18 SE-Malmoe – KB

21.03.18 D-Munich – Ampere
23.03.18 D-Nürnberg – Der Hirsch
24.03.18 D-Aschaffenburg – Colos-Saal
25.03.18 D-Berlin – Columbia Theater
27.03.18 D-Bonn – Harmonie
28.03.18 D-Stuttgart – Im Wizemann

29.03.18 D-Freiburg – Jazzhaus
31.03.18 D-Wuppertal – Live Club Barmen

01.04.18 NL-Uden – De Pul

03.04.18 D-Leipzig – Werk 2
04.04.18 D-Hamburg – Fabrik
05.04.18 D-Bremen – Aladin

07.04.18 D-Neuruppin – Kulturhaus

08.04.18 PL-Bydgoszcz – Klub Kuzinia

10.04.18 CZ-Prague – Nova Chemelnice

11.04.18 D-Memmingen – Kaminwerk
12.04.18 CH-Pratteln – Z7

13.04.18 I-Milano – Legend

15.04.18 E-Barcelona – Bikini

16.04.18 E-Madrid – But

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