Out of Kenosha, Wisconsin is a band that is slated to release their latest offering entitled “Prolonging The Agony” via Pavement Entertainment, and that band is Saint Tragedy.  “Prolonging The Agony” is set for release on Friday, January 26th wherever music is sold!

Saint Tragedy is composed of Wayne Wiginton on vocals, Matt Brudniewicz on guitars, Eric Serbedzija on bass, and Jason Scuffham on drums.  They bring a mix of modern rock with 90’s grunge with classic elements to Saint Tragedy.

The strength of this album that gets the album off to a solid start is the album opener “Make Believe”.  The lyrics are introspective, and the guitar riffs that Brudniewicz possesses provides that crunch that is needed for Saint Tragedy.  The chorus sounds like a mix of “Sunburn” era Fuel mixed with a Seven Mary Three vibe, and the guitar solo coupled with the rhythm section in the instrumental break provides a solid start for Saint Tragedy in this offering.

“Ties That Bind” is a solid cruncher that showcases that the strength of this band is the instrumental work in their arrangements, it just fits.  The rhythm section pulsates and pounds during this song.  “No More Religion” provides the catchiness in the chorus along with it being a politically charged song about conspiracy theories and how religion negatively affects politics.  The transitions and progressions from the verse to second chorus is a bit too choppy for my liking.  If one changes tempo in the song, to me, it needs to sound more crisp.

An acoustic arrangement of “Jumpin’ The Gun” provides that ode to Alice In Chains feel in the acoustic version of that song.

Overall, this is a decent effort from the band Saint Tragedy from Kenosha, Wisconsin.  However, there is plenty of room for growth from this band.  Especially for a band that is starting out, I need those moments to stand out where it will make people remember the name Saint Tragedy.  While one can certainly appreciate a no-frills no-gimmicks type of rock record, the flat vocals and the arrangements don’t provide anything new, original, nor memorable from me.  I feel that with an increase of production and more sound arrangements in the music, Saint Tragedy could grow in time, but with this offering, Madness To Creation rates it a 6 out of 10, it’s not a bad offering, I recognize their talent, but the music doesn’t stir my soul or it doesn’t move me like it should.  However, if you’re jonesing for a record that has some solid guitar riffs, no frills rocking, and a record that is introspective, then you might enjoy this one.    Check out the track listing below.

  1.  Make Believe
  2.  Ties That Bind
  3.  No More Religion
  4.  Move On
  5.  Would I Lie
  6.  Jumpin’ The Gun

Saint Asonia has several shows coming up to celebrate the release of “Prolonging The Agony”.  Check out the tour dates below!

Friday, January 26th- Fusion in Kenosha, Wisconsin (w/Three Left and Resistance)

Saturday, January 27th- Up & Under in Milwaukee, Wisconsin (w/The Radiomen, Fellow Kinsman, Revolution-X, Earthgrazer, and KatieBeth)

Sunday, January 28th- Hijynx in Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin (w/Mixed Company and Filthy Sweet)

For tickets and further information for any of the shows listed above, click here!

Find Saint Tragedy at the following locations:







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