Anvil is that underground metal band that a metalhead’s metalhead listens to.  I mean, Metallica and Motorhead themselves have publicly subscribed to the Anvil way.  I mean, how can people not with their intense guitar riffs, unique approach to their songwriting, and absolutely intense rhythm section.  On January 19th, the Canadian metal masters Anvil released their latest offering “Pounding The Pavement” via Steamhammer/SPV Records!

What Anvil exemplifies is their undying work ethic.  After the completion of their previous release “Anvil Is Anvil”, Anvil immediately turned to the future and began to work and hone their songwriting and their craft at arranging powerful songs with insatiable guitar riffs and pounding rhythm section!  This body of work starts off with the song “Bitch In The Box”.  It is a totally tongue-in-cheek jab at Siri from GPS global fame, however, Anvil takes that songwriting and that tongue-in-cheek approach and they create some serious social commentary about how technology completely controls our lives and that we are enslaved by technology.  Don’t believe me, look at all the people glued to their smartphones nowadays.  Anvil showcases their uncanny ability to make rock anthems as well.

The riffs in “Smash Your Face” and the tempo of the song causes fists to be in the air and a collective anthem about how Anvil is going to melt your face at the show.  “Rock That Shit” also offers that similar charismatic flair to the music.  The guitar riffs are memorable and the rhythm section will cause the listener to headbang furiously, so much so that there will be concussion protocols for headbangers.  Don’t let Roger Goodell run it though.  I jest, well sort of.

The social commentary is also evident in songs “Nanook Of The North” and the bonus track “Don’t Tell Me”.  As fun and catchy as “Nanook Of The North” sounds, the song allows Anvil to take on the serious topic of the plight of the Inuits.  It really takes on the struggles that they went through, “Don’t Tell Me” takes on the topics of politics and how the media has an agenda for everything, plus I think the lyrics slam President Donald Trump(Drumpf), which he seems to deserve to be slammed in every which way over the decisions that he makes.  The title track is a driving metal anthem instrumental that provides for a nice segue into the next track.

Anvil has done it again, by creating one of the heaviest albums that they have created and they’ve taken a more serious approach in the lyrics in some of the songs.  It’s hard to believe that a trio can sound this heavy, turn this up to 11 as Madness To Creation gives this a 9 out of 10 rating!  Here is the track listing below!

  1.  Bitch In The Box
  2.  Ego
  3.  Doing What I Want
  4.  Smash Your Face
  5.  Pounding The Pavement
  6.  Rock That Shit
  7.  Let It Go
  8.  Nanook Of The North
  9.  Black Smoke
  10.  World Of Tomorrow
  11.  Warming Up
  12.  Don’t Tell Me (bonus track)

Anvil will be touring Europe in support of “Pounding The Pavement”!  Check out tour dates below!

ANVIL Live 2018:

01.02.NL-Leiden – Gebr. De Nobel

02.02.NL-Venlo – Poppodium Grenswerk

03.02.NL-Hengelo – Metropool

04.02.NL-Tilburg – Little Devil

06.02.GB-London – Underworld

07.02.GB-Stoke – Eleven Music

08.02.GB-Newcastle – Trillians

09.02.GB-Grimsby – Yardbirds

10.02.GB-Glasgow – Cathouse

11.02.GB-Wigan – Pure

13.02.GB-Belfast – The Limelight

14.02.IE-Dublin – The Academy

16.02.GB-Buckley – Tivoli

17.02.GB-Bridgend – Hobos

18.02.GB-Brighton – Green Door Store

20.02.GB-Bilston – Robin 2

21.02.GB-York – Fibbers

22.02.GB-Evesham – Iron Road

23.02.GB-Weston – The Bear

24.02.B-Kortrijk – De Kreun

25.02.F-Paris – Le Trabendo

27.02.F-Colmar – Le Grillen

01.03.E-Irun – Sala Tunk

02.03.E-Madrid – MON

03.03.E-Valencia – Paberse Club

04.03.E-Barcelona – Sala Boveda

10.03.I-Florence – Circus

11.03.I-Brescia – Circolo Colony

13.03.CH-Solothurn – Kofmehl

14.03.D-Munich – Backstage

15.03.D-Essen – Turock

16.03.D-Mannheim – 7er Club

17.03.D-Münster – Sputnikhalle

18.03.D-Berlin – Musik & Frieden

20.03.D-Flensburg – Roxy

22.03.SE-Gothenburg – Sticky Fingers

23.03.SE-Finspang – Hugo

24.03.SE-Uppsala – Katalin

25.03.SE-Stockholm – Fryshuset Klubben

28.03.NO-Oslo – Olsen Pa Bryn

29.03.NO-Haugesund – Flytten

30.03.NO-Hamar – Gregers

31.03.NO-Odal – Odal Rock Club

04.04.D-Frankfurt – Nachtleben

05.04.D-Hamburg – Markthalle

06.04.D-Siegburg – Kubana

Check out the lyric video to “Ego” below!

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