Editor’s Note:  Out of Norway is a band that is prepared to take Europe and beyond by storm in 2018, and that band is Audrey Horne!  Audrey Horne has taken somewhat of a different direction in their music and fans have embraced it due to its authenticity and they recently wrapped up a January European tour in support of their latest album entitled “Blackout”.  Fans can find Audrey Horne at the following locations:



Madness To Creation:  You will be releasing “Blackout”, I absolutely love the record!  What went into the writing process of the record?

Toschie:  Thank you. We spent close to three years writing this album. We basically do it in three stages: In the first we just pour out any idea that we might have, work or jam on it for one rehearsal and record it at the end of that day. Later on we go through all ideas, in this case we had about 70 of them, and pick out the ones we believe most in and continue to work on them, re-write them if we have new ideas for them, and in the last stage we pick out the ones we want to record and perfect them as best we can.  We try to have more song than we actually are going put on the record just to be on the safe side, cause there is always one that does not turn out the way we want, and there is always a need for bonus tracks.

Madness To Creation:  I love the two singles that you released “This Is War” and “Audrevolution”, take us into both of those songs.

Toschie:  Once again thanks. Well the first one is more a typical Audrey Horne song, in line with songs as “Redemption Blues” and “This Ends Here”, both from the Youngblood album, and “High and Dry” and “Boy Wonder” from Pure Heavy. It is in a style that I consider us to be quite good at, strong melody lines and tons of twin guitars. “Audrevolution” is more atypical for us, it has a more straight forward punk-rock attitude and a simpler structure, but still I feel we managed to keep the melody strong and the dynamics interesting. I read a rather poor review of the album from a Norwegian magazine where they asked us if we seriously thought we would get the crowd to sing along to a silly line like “Welcome To The Audrevolution”, well we just did a European tour where we proved them wrong.

Madness To Creation:  Tell us about the music videos and favorite and least favorite thing about making a music video.

Toschie:  The first video (This Is War) was actually edited by our guitar player Arve “Ice Dale” from personal video shots from previous tours and I think it turned out great. It has a more personal touch than the new one for “Audrevolution”. That one is more punk to fit the song. The best thing about a music video is when it gives the song an extra gear, extra energy. That and when you don´t have to be in it yourself as the worst thing about making videos is all the waiting and repeating of each scene. We are a patient band but we also have our limits.

Madness To Creation:  You all offer a contrast from more death metal bands where you grew up in Norway, does that play to your advantage?

Toschie:  I think so, it is usually always a good thing to stand out as a band. A lot of the more extreme music fans seem to like us and I guess in some ways the link we have to other more extreme bands as Enslaved and Gorgoroth works as an excuse for the to lend us an ear. And like other music lovers they to appreciate good music no matter the genre, well most of them anyway. It also have helped us getting a lot of publicity, specially in the beginning as we were considered a bit exotic and lots of people were curious about what we were and sounded like.

Madness To Creation:  You all have toured in Europe to support “Blackout”, favorite place to play in Europe?

Toschie:  Oh we have several places that are special to us, but Paris is definitely one of them. The shows there always turns into a fantastic party. Some cities in Germany too like Hamburg, Berlin and Cologne. We have in general our strongest fan base in those two countries. But sometimes you come to a city, and it can be a really small one, where we have not played before and we have an amazing turn up and a really good time. Often the smaller places where people are not so spoiled with good bands coming to town have the most hungry audience.

Madness To Creation:  What can fans expect from this tour and from an Audrey Horne concert?

Toschie:  Our live shows is where we get the best feedback. We are a true high octane live band and our shows are always an interaction with the audience so most of the band members always ends up in the crowd. We are also a band that truly appreciate our crowd, so we always hang out with them after the show. Without them we are nothing, and hopefully without us they are a little less excited.

Madness To Creation:  Most embarrassing concert moment.

Toschie:  Well we have a bunch of them. Very often the high energy on stage makes for embarrassing mistakes and accidents. But one classic Spinal Tap moment that comes to mind is when I addressed the audience as Italians through an entire show in Spain was pretty awkward. “Good to be back Italy, Not!”

Madness To Creation:  Plans for the band for 2018?

Toschie:  We just finished the first leg of our European tour, and will do some shows in Norway now, later on we will do the second leg in Europe and then festivals. We don´t have plans for the fall yet, but would love to come to the US.

Madness to Creation:  Message to the fans and where people can find you?

Toschie:  Please do check out our new album, and find us on Facebook and Instagram, where you get updates and live clips from our touring!

And there you have it!  Audrey Horne does have a couple Norwegian dates coming up, check out the tour dates below!

Friday, March 23rd- Folken in Stavanger, Norway

Tuesday, June 12th- Bergenhus Festning in Bergen, Norway

For tickets and further information for the shows listed above, click here!

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