First of all,  I just wanted to say special thanks to Jason Kennedy for reaching out awhile back in regards to this band out of various cities around Ontario, California, it is really appreciated!  Awhile back, West Coast prog-metal band Slanderus released their EP entitled “Walls of the Mind”.

Slanderus is composed of Allen Alamillo on vocals, Jason Kennedy on guitars/backing vocals, Adrian Smith on bass, and Jeff Seif on drums.  Slanderus has played with scores of bands and won the IE Weekly award for “Best Metal Band” in 2012.  Slanderus also believes in unifying the genre by setting up various metal shows in the Inland Empire!  Slanderus states in their live show that each show is different, with different intros for each gig, and they like to surprise their audiences every night.

“Walls of the Mind” starts with a track entitled “My Cadence”.  The rhythm section is undeniable in this track as Smith and Seif work collectively to ensure that the rhythm section has a lot of moxie and punch to cause fists to go in the air and necks to snap due to copious amounts of headbanging.   Alamillo takes an honest approach to the lyrics, there is a pretty significant influence to David Draiman of Disturbed in the vocals, with how he’s able to sound harsh in one second while bringing on strong melodic vocals in the next second.  Kennedy does an impeccable job on the guitar riffs.

From a lyrical standpoint, at times Slanderus takes a tongue-in-cheek approach to the lyrics, case in point in the track “The Hedonist”.  In “The Hedonist”, it pokes obvious fun to the world of excess and the world of crony capitalism in the track.  It shows a more lighthearted approach and Slanderus does a great job of balancing the tongue-in-cheek approach with a serious approach at the arrangements.  Check out the lyric video for the song below!

In “Walls of the Mind”, Slanderus unleashes a sonic assault by doing a great job incorporating the progressions and the changes in tempo throughout the album.  Overall, it’s a choice blending of the arrangements and Alamillo’s diverse vocal range.  It won’t take long for Slanderus to get noticed as Madness To Creation rates this an 8 out of 10 stars!  Check out the track listing below!

  1.  My Cadence
  2.  Clarity In Duality
  3.  The Hedonist
  4.  Stand In Line
  5.  Into Me You See
  6.  The Significance Of Insignificance

Fans can find Slanderus at the following locations:

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