Out of Brazil is a band that I am glad to be finding out about, although it feels like I’m late to the party and it’s that record stops type of feeling as I arrive to the party.  The seven piece punk/ska band out of Brazil Abraskadabra is releasing “Welcome” on February 20th!

This record is undoubtedly one of the most fun records of the year, we needed a record that is positive, full of sunshine and rainbows, especially in the midst of recent events in Parkland, Florida with the school shooting.  The horns are heavy and abundant, yet they fit the music which will cause people to get in the skank pit in tracks such as “The Dream”, which also mixes in gang vocal hardcore elements with old school punk elements that will make fans of Reel Big Fish and Less Than Jake simply wanting more.  The wordplay and humor is abundant like a Goldfinger track in the song “She’s Gonna Livia”, which seems to incorporate some garage and street punk elements.  Overall, this is a blast to listen to as it brings me back to the days of going with my friends to the Warped Tour and when ska music was such in the mainstream, as it was the music of choice back when I was in school.

See why bands like No Use For A Name and Less Than Jake have given Abraskadabra such a ringing endorsement and see why they’ve shared the stage with the likes of Bad Religion, Rise Against, and Goldfinger.  Get into the skank pit with me and let Abraskadabra remind you why music should be an escape and it should be fun!  Madness To Creation gives this an 8 out of 10 star rating!  Check out the track listing below!

  1.  Nothing New
  2.  Heavy Hitters
  3.  Left Corner
  4.  Border Town
  5.  Worm’s Song
  6.  Wheel of Fortune
  7.  She’s Gonna Livia
  8.  Catching Fog
  9.  The Tall One
  10.  Streets Of Order Square
  11.  Exactly When
  12.  The Dream
  13.  Empty Room

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