It’s not every day you hear a pop artist who sings in a completely different language, but is living proof that music can transcend languages and break down cultural barriers!  Such is the case with Indonesian pop artist Adera who has videos on YouTube that range up to over 40 million hits on YouTube.

Adera is primarily known for his YouTube covers, auditioning for “The Next Boy/Girl Band” reality television show, and for making great pop music that sounds like a mix of Justin Timberlake’s soulful vocals with John Mayer’s musical arrangements on how to craft a quality pop/rock song.  Adera also has YouTube covers of “Versace On The Floor” by Bruno Mars and “All I Ask” by Adele, however, his biggest YouTube cover was of the song “One Last Cry” by Brian McKnight.  Check it out below!–nw

These YouTube covers and him auditioning for “The Next Boy/Girl Band” reality television show has landed Adera to create the album “Lebih Indah” in 2014, which has the single that has been very popular in the international pop/world music scene “Lebih Indah”, which has amassed over 40 million hits on YouTube.  Check it out below!

Madness To Creation’s take:  It’ll be interesting to see Adera make a prominence in the Far East market and beyond.  Adera certainly has what it takes to craft a great pop song and his YouTube covers certainly do justice to Adele, Bruno Mars, and Brian McKnight.  It’ll be interesting to see where his career takes him, and I enjoy the lush pop sensibilities in his music, along with the catchiness, although I don’t understand what he’s singing about, but I can tell that it’s a song about love for someone else.  Madness To Creation gives Adera a solid 8.5 out of 10 stars!

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