Aer.  Out of Wayland, Massachusetts.  Aer.  Their website is Fresh Aer Movement Dot Com.  On May 25th, 2016, Aer dropped this bombshell on the Facebook community.

To the Fresh Aer Movement,

The past six years together have been the most rewarding, exciting and insightful time either of us could have asked for, but all good things must come to an end. We have mutually decided that we are no longer going to continue with Aer. We understand this may come as a surprise to many, but it was a healthy and amicable decision made for our respective well-beings with no loss of love between the two of us.

We started this as fresh-faced high schoolers, living in the suburbs. It was simple: two kids, a microphone and a drum pad, making music in our parents’ basements. Six years later, we’re traveling the world, doing what we love. We’ve grown enormously, gaining so much perspective and making friends along the way—all because of Aer. Aer completely changed our lives in a way neither of us could have ever fathomed. Whether it was on tour, at a festival, or performing all the way in Europe, we have been constantly reminded by you—the always ecstatic FAM—that the music we’ve created is truly bigger than the two of us. You’ve told us so many stories about how we’ve positively impacted your lives, but you can’t begin to understand how much you’ve changed ours. Your love gave us the freedom to chase our dreams, see the world, and meet incredible people.

Over time, we encounter change, and with that change, comes growth. As we grow older, and pursue our respective goals, we are reminded of life’s priorities. We are creative souls who need to wander, explore, and discover in order to be inspired. That inspiration is drawn from family, friends, and building relationships, all of which have taken a back seat since we started the band.

Who knows how our creative lives may intertwine down the road, and we’re firm believers in never saying never, but for now we’re closing the book of Aer. Thank you for sticking with us through our ups and downs. Thank you for letting us grow and experiment. Thank you for the love and support.

David & Carter


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Aer was an indie pop/rock/hip-hop group out of the suburbs of Boston, Massachusetts composed of David Vonmering and Carter Reeves.  Nowadays, David has moved to Los Angeles and has pursued a solo career as a recording artist and as a producer.  Some of the recent material he has worked on includes producing “B B” by Mod Sun, the debut album entitled “The Story Of Us” by Quinn XCII and “Wild Strawberries” by Felly.

Meanwhile Carter Reeves has also gone solo going strictly indie-pop, he has released the singles entitled “Aquarium” and “Grip”, along with an EP entitled “Fresh Fruit”.  Check out his music here!

Here are a few quick fun facts about Aer!

  1.  They have released three full length albums and two mixtapes.
  2.  They have remix versions of several songs while starting out, including “We R Who We R” by Kesha, Avicii, and “Story To Tell” by Biggie Smalls(Notorious B.I.G.)
  3.  Vlogging while in studio helped Aer reached success as they capitalized on the vlogging trend of early 2010.
  4.  Their self-titled album peaked at No. 26 on the Billboard 200
  5.  Biggest touring highlight was sharing the stage with Slightly Stoopid

Madness To Creation’s take:

Their laidback indie-pop hip hop style definitely reached a target demographic.  I would say that it catered towards the college party scene as their music always brought that “spring break” vibe with them.  A few of their videos received millions of hits on YouTube including “Feel I Bring”.  That said, I believe that they saw the writing on the wall and as they got older the more out of touch they felt with the music.  Personally, this music didn’t do anything for me.  I felt like I needed to clothes shopping at PacSun or The Gap when I heard their songs.  I get the vibe, it just felt old although their music was made in this decade.  I’m going to have to pass.  See if you agree with me or not.


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