Get yourself a pen and a notepad.  Millenials, go find your tablet and open up your social media.  I want you all to write down, tweet, Instagram, and Facebook about Jackie Daytona, and remember the day that you read this review and heard about this band because Tremolo Records have stumbled upon a gold mine.  This past Friday, March 2nd, Jackie Daytona released their debut record entitled “She’s So Hot”.

Jackie Daytona is composed of Jack Doyle on bass/vocals and Justin Robinson on drums.  They set upon a mission to create the biggest lo-fi sound, with as much distortion chocked full of power pop melodies that they could in a 20 minute plus span.  They wrote seven songs in a matter of days and “She’s So Hot” was thrown down on people’s laps causing burn marks everywhere due to the hotness of the record.

“She’s So Hot” starts off with the track “Hot & Sweaty”, which sounds like a throwback rock anthem that would make David Bowie or Iggy Pop smile mixed in with the vibe of The Vines or The White Stripes.  Jackie Daytona packs it full of pop, punk, and pizzazz that one can’t help but groove along to it.  This surely is a track that has the potential to unite generations between the old rockers, the millenial rockers, and today’s young rockers.  The track “California” immediately stood out to me in this infectious album.  “California” really showcases the luscious rhythms, incorporated with the impeccable storytelling that talks about leaving school to follow the glitz and glamour of Hollywood, and the harmonies that Jackie Daytona and Justin Robinson possess in the vocals.  To me, the arrangements of the music need to add to the story of the song, and Jackie Daytona have already mastered that aspect of the music.  The riffs and groove cannot be forgotten in the track “Spark”.

What is perfect about this album is that it’s a total repeat on someone’s stereo, which is extremely hard to find in today’s rock music.  Jackie Daytona brings back that vibe where the riffs are memorable, you know that feeling where you hear the first five seconds of the song and you immediately get pumped up for the song.  The album is so chill, yet it’s so rocking at the same time!  Madness To Creation rates “She’s So Hot” by Jackie Daytona a 9 out of 10 stars!

Here is the track listing:

  1.  Hot & Sweaty
  2.  She’s So Hot
  3.  California
  4.  Uptown Baby
  5.  Spark
  6.  You’re So Good To Me
  7.  Comin’ To Get You

Here is the music video to “Comin’ To Get You” below!

Check out Jackie Daytona at the following locations:

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