This turned out to be the crossroads of Aerosmith’s career.  Joe Perry and Brad Whitford returned to the band and Aerosmith wanted to still make music and give it a shot.  Their 1985 release entitled “Done With Mirrors” was seen as a major commercial bust, as it took years for this album to achieve Gold status, which is 500,000 copies sold.

The album really had no hits.  Joe Perry brought over his solo material and let Steven Tyler rewrite the lyrics for their single “Let The Music Do The Talking”, which showcases Aerosmith having a driving sound and Whitford and Perry sounding as fresh as ever, it really showcases Aerosmith experimenting with a boogie-woogie type of sound, which some critics have argued that it began to signify a new direction for Aerosmith.  “My Fist Your Face” showcases that boogie-woogie rock type of feel as well.

The unique thing about this album is that there is really no power ballads nor any blues covers, just groovy rock with strong guitar licks and it seemed like this band was trying to find their groove and rhythm all over again.  The album is certainly a cult favorite among the diehard Aerosmith fanbase and it they really wanted to emphasize Joe Perry and Brad Whitford being back in the band with packing an album full of strong guitar hooks.  Madness To Creation rates this record a 7 out of 10 stars, has some good songs but nothing memorable.  Here is the track listing below.

  1.  Let The Music Do The Talking
  2.  My Fist Your Face
  3.  Shame On You
  4.  The Reason A Dog
  5.  Shela
  6.  Gypsy Boots
  7.  She’s On Fire
  8.  The Hop
  9.  Darkness

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