It is getting to be that time of the year where it’s time to get the cleaning supplies for spring cleaning, find the nearest hiking trail afterwards, and then gaze out into the stars at night.  It is spring!  Being a Midwesterner, I love the changing of seasons, the smell of freshly cut grass, the sound of a lawnmower, the sound of the joyful noises of children playing outside, and just the beauty of the spring season.  New Jersey native Brianna Musco brings about those feelings in her recent release of “The Demo”, which she did an EP release party at Dingbatz in Clifton, New Jersey to coincide with the release.

Brianna, a former soccer player for Delaware State University, she would go on to study classical guitar at Delaware State and Monmouth.  Brianna’s goals are to tour extensively in 2018 and to bring back the acoustic folk genre in the world of pop music.  Brianna has drawn comparisons to another person that is a multi-instrumentalist known as Ed Sheeran.

Brianna sings of love, with a feeling of uncertainty with a whole lot of hope in “Forever”.  In this, the listener immediately notices the lush electric guitar that blends in every so nicely like a starry backdrop to a clear night sky.  I immediately notice how honest Brianna is in her songwriting abilities and in her storytelling methods.  Brianna also sings of heartache and disappointment in “Not Enough”, the acoustic guitar that she plucks is a really wonderful arrangement in which she makes that guitar talk and mourn along with her story in the song.  That’s the definition of a great acoustic folk/indie pop artist is that the arrangements and the melodies in the song bring about the story into a complete circle.  “Ringling” is that story of pursuing a love for someone that goes away every few months, the progression in the bridge is done very nicely, as Brianna hopes to see that person soon, even if it’s in a dream.  We can all relate to having a relationship like that.

Keep in mind that the words that I am about to say, I do not say lightly.  Madness To Creation and his contributors goals are to write honest reviews that we can bring about the picture of the music and the songs that people are bound to enjoy.  That said, Brianna Musco has the it factor, she has a natural gift of encapsulating her voice and to enhance the storytelling in the arrangements of her music so the listener can get the complete story in the song.  The sky is the limit for Brianna Musco, hell let’s shoot for the moon and the stars because that’s where Brianna Musco belongs!  Madness To Creation rates “The Demo” by Brianna Musco a 10 out of 10 stars rating!  It is an early pick of mine for album of the year.  Here is the track listing below.

  1.  Forever
  2.  Not Enough
  3.  Ringling

Here is her mashup of “Divide” by Ed Sheeran

Find Brianna Musco at the following locations:

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