Out of St. Louis, Missouri is a band that is prepared to take the world by storm as they have recently signed a record deal with InVogue Records and that band is Discrepancies.  On March 23rd, they re-released their 2016 album “The Awakening” with a few bonus tracks and they have promised more material coming up!

Discrepancies combines nu-metal, hip-hop, and a whole lot of rock with the substance in the emotions and lyrics amplified and turned up to 11.  With their guitar harmonics, slick as an oil spill bass groove, and lyrics that really draw the listener in and captivate the imagination.  Discrepancies is prepared to share some positive vibes and love with their fans and the new fans that they will surely obtain with this offering.

After “Intro”, the album immediately hits you right in between the eyes like a bullseye with the title track.  The harmonics and guitar riffs are insane as the listener will notice how they trade off barbs with screaming and the insane hip-hop vocals that ATG Metcalf provides and the chorus goes “This is the awakening/no complacency”, this showcases the will and determination that Discrepancies has to change the game in the nu-metal and rapcore genre of music.  The transitions and progressions are seamless and these are the type of songs that people will march to, or slam some weights as people get their grind on, or just be about in their bedroom and headbang and air guitar until their heart is content.

“Art Of War” is an absolutely chilling track.  The clean vocals that Addison Bracher provides enhances the emotion of the song on how love in relationships can sometimes feel like a battlefield and Garrett Weakley absolutely stands out in a glorious way as the bass grinds and grooves and hits you hard all in the same breath of the song.  Phatbeatz Steve also holds it down and provides the driving force behind this song.  ATG Metcalf spits rhymes and bars in metaphors, intense wordplay, all the while making struggles in relationships totally applicable to the listener.  The bridge of the song certainly takes Discrepancies to new heights in this song.

The songs are full of positive vibes and just real talk throughout this record.  “Keep Hope Alive” encourages the listener to persevere and push through the challenges of life.  “Not Alone” seems to be about someone going through depression and awful thoughts and they’re reminding you that you are never alone in the struggle.

The songs are also full of rock anthems that would make fans of bands like P.O.D. happy with songs such as “Raising The Bar” and “Rock The Show”.  The songs hit hard, yet are full of jams, jelly, and all around good times, which Discrepancies also wants to bring to your earholes.

This re-release of “The Awakening” is a treat for new fans of Discrepancies, as they make nu-metal totally cool all over again, because they are flat out freaking good at what they do.  Madness To Creation rates this album a 9 out of 10 stars!  Check out the track listing below.

  1.  Intro
  2.  The Awakening
  3.  Art Of War
  4.  Raising The Bar
  5.  Not Alone
  6.  Prevail
  7.  Wake Up
  8.  Keep Hope Alive
  9.  Rock The Show
  10.  Digitus Medius
  11.  Foresight In Hindsight
  12.  Make You Love Me
  13.  Get Hype- S.P.E.C.T.R.E.

Discrepancies has some show dates coming up and will also be appearing on Vans Warped Tour this summer.  Check out tour dates below!

Thursday, April 19th- The River in Cape Girardeau, Missouri (w/A New Breed, Hallow Point, and Desecrate Ethereal)

Friday, April 20th- Blue Note in Harrison, Ohio (w/Super Bob)

Saturday, April 21st- The Looney Bin in Bradley, Illinois (w/Super Bob)

Saturday, April 28th- The Naked Turtle in Jackson, Tennessee (w/Evince and To Write With Embers)

Saturday, May 19th- Shots in Rolla, Missouri (w/Troy, Decadent Nation, Cost Of Desire, Neither Of Me, and Scarred Nation)

Friday, June 22nd- Cairo Ale House in West Chicago, Illinois (w/Hate Unbound, Counterpunch, Carrying Torches, Synovial, and Vicious Attack)

Saturday, June 30th- Vans Warped Tour at USANA Amphitheatre in West Valley City, Utah

Sunday, July 1st- Vans Warped Tour at Pepsi Center in Denver, Colorado

Tuesday, July 3rd- Vans Warped Tour at Hollywood Casino Amphitheatre in Maryland Heights, Missouri

Thursday, July 5th- Vans Warped Tour at Providence Medical Center Amphitheatre in Bonner Springs, Kansas

Friday, July 20th- Hijynx in Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin

Saturday, July 21st- Lucky Chance in West Allis, Wisconsin

For tickets and further information on any of the shows listed above, click here!

Fans can find Discrepancies at the following locations:






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