It was the night of the Unstoppable Screams Tour featuring Red, ex-Flyleaf frontperson Lacey Sturm with special guests Righteous Vendetta and Messer.  It was a night of music that the fans at Wooly’s won’t soon forget.  Dallas, Texas’s own Messer was the first to take the stage.

Messer got a hometown crowd pop from their vocalist who is from nearby Fort Dodge.  Messer came in with their dynamic licks and charisma while incorporating a solid mix of classic rock and modern rock.  People got an intense taste of what potential Messer has in their music.  The crowd responded quite well to their single “Make This Life”.  Messer did their job in such a stellar fashion in order to get the crowd warmed up for the evening.

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I missed Righteous Vendetta’s set due to our interview with Maddox Messer of Messer, so I won’t be able to write much about Righteous Vendetta, but from what I gathered, they received a solid response from the crowd and they further warmed up the crowd for Lacey Sturm and Red.

Lacey Sturm is the ex-vocalist of Flyleaf who has embarked on a solo career.  She played a quality mix of her solo albums as well as the songs the fans were waiting to hear including “Fully Alive”, “All Around Me”, and “I’m So Sick”, which was certainly a crowd pleaser for the evening.  Some of the crowd were a bit turned off by her preaching and giving her testimony about how she came from brokeness, depression, and suicidal thoughts and her life from living as an Atheist to becoming a born-again Christian, however, some people knew that they came to a Christian Rock concert and at a concert like that, you expect to hear something about God or the Christian Gospel.  Lacey did it tastefully and I could tell that it came genuinely from her heart.  Red lastly took the stage!

Red came out with fire and thunder in their music.  People don’t realize how charismatic of a frontman Michael Barnes is as he immediately got the Wooly’s crowd dancing and moving as they broke into “Step Inside The Violence”, which really brings home the message that it seems like that it’s a warzone stepping out your front door these days.  The smoke machine and the red lights added for a really nice effect to the music, as it was tastefully done and it fit to the music of Red.  The crowd especially sang along to songs “Faceless” and “Already Over”  They covered a lot of songs off of the “Gone” album, as well as hits “Lie To Me”, “Death Of Me”, a cover of “Unstoppable” by Sia, and had a nice setlist closer of “Gone” and “Breathe Into Me”.  Red always makes a point for compelling their fans that their music is a tool for their message, and that is bringing hope to a fallen world through the Gospel as well and helping people with social activism via World Vision and Cure Interational.

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There are still tour dates left of the Unstoppable Screams Tour featuring Red and Lacey Sturm with special guests Righteous Vendetta and Messer!  Check out tour dates below!

Friday, March 30th- Marquee Theatre in Tempe, Arizona

Saturday, March 31st- Sunshine Theater in Albuquerque, New Mexico

Tuesday, April 3rd- Jake’s Backroom in Lubbock, Texas

Wednesday, April 4th- Kapone’s in San Antonio, Texas

Friday, April 6th- Scout Bar in Houston, Texas

Saturday, April 7th- Canton Hall in Dallas, Texas

Tuesday, April 10th- Tower Theatre in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Thursday, April 12th- Pop’s in Sauget, Illinois

Friday, April 13th- New Daisy Theater in Memphis, Tennessee

Friday, April 14th- TopGolf in Nashville, Tennessee

Saturday, April 15th- The Masquerade in Atlanta, Georgia

Friday, April 21st- Central Florida Fairgrounds in Orlando, Florida

Saturday, April 22nd- Exchange Club Fairgrounds Coastal Carolina Fair in Ladson, South Carolina

For tickets and further information for any of the shows listed above, go to iTickets here!


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