The Los Angeles music scene can have some of the most creative talent out there!  In a quite saturated music industry, we need that band/recording artist to stick out like a sore thumb, captivate people’s imaginations, and bring back the theatrics in the world of rock music.  Here comes Knee High Fox to bring about those theatrics and those bizarre feelings rolled into one as they have released their latest album entitled “Jawbreaker”.

Knee High Fox is composed of Krsy Fox on vocals, Simon Nagel on bass, Sam Bam Koltun on guitars, and Harley DeWinter on drums.  They bring a mix of new wavy rock, industrial vibes and a whole lot of shock rock that showcases the multiple personalities that Krsy Fox seems to possess.

For example, Knee High Fox appears poppy and seductive in the song “American Beauty”.  The listener can envision showgirls and burlesque dancers dancing seductively while people in their smoke jackets, Cuban cigars, and gold chains come in to the smoke-filled burlesque hall.  The music sounds quite seductive and there is undoubtedly theatrics incorporated into the music.

Another mood that is explored in the album is the theme of addiction.  In the song “Relapse”, this theme is explored as through their lyrics, their moods, and the arrangements of the song, they reveal the toxicity of that bad relationship and that message that people are going to bring you down quicker than you build people up.  In the music, Krsy Fox showcases the capabilities of exploring the theatrics and the emotions of the lyrics to make it sound seductive and desperate all in one fell swoop.

Lastly, the themes of horror are explored in the songs “Witch” and “Jawbreaker”.  The industrial rock arrangements really bring about the horror displays in the songs and the lyrics of killing, death, and all things associated with witches are displayed as it would be displayed on the silver screen in Hollywood.

It is plain to see why Knee High Fox have shared stages with the likes of Marilyn Manson, Theory Of A Deadman, Powerman 5000, and Orgy.  I can imagine that they implore their theatrical performances and it spills all over on the stage to the delight of Knee High Fox fans.  “Jawbreaker” is strange, quirky, bizarre, but it will leave a lasting impression on the listener.  Madness To Creation rates this 8 out of 10 stars!  Here is the track listing below.

  1.  Witch
  2.  Those Girls
  3.  Relapse
  4.  Jawbreaker
  5.  American Beauty
  6.  .Ladylike
  7.  Peephole
  8.  Lovefool

Fans can find Knee High Fox at the following locations:

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