Recently, we have posted the non-Aerosmith hits, now we are going to go through and post our top ten favorite Aerosmith songs!

10.  “Dream On”, this song was off of the 1973 self-titled album.  It was a great ballad, and it really showcased the vocal prowess of Steven Tyler.  It’s a song that has been covered by the likes of Blacktop Mojo and Eminem even sampled the chorus in one of his hits.  Rock out with me!

9.  “Sweet Emotion”- this song has it all.  Tasty guitar riffs, anticipatory intro, and a pretty catchy chorus.

8.  “Back In The Saddle”,  one of their most dynamic guitar riffs ever in their entire career!  This song is such a gem!

7.  Janie’s Got A Gun- this song was mired in controversy from the subject matter, but this song really shed light on the issues of domestic violence, child abuse, and violence towards women in general.  The song was taken from a newspaper clipping as well.  Crazy how some songs can get their inspiration.

6.  Same Old Song And Dance- This was the song that started to break Aerosmith through, and it continues to be a crowd pleaser.

5.  Amazing- taken off of the “Get A Grip” album.  The guitar solo by Joe Perry in the outro really shines in this song.  While I’m not a fan of “post Run DMC remake” Aerosmith, I cannot get enough of this song!

4.  Come Together- yes, one of my favorite songs is a cover song originally done by The Beatles.  However, Aerosmith showcases their rock roots and showcase one of the occasions where the cover is better than the original.

3.  Mama Kin- Who doesn’t love this ditty?

2.  Train Kept A Rollin’ –  This song showcases the bluesy side to Aerosmith, while it didn’t score at the top of the charts, it is considered to be a hit and a crowd favorite at Aerosmith concerts.

  1.  Last Child- The intro, the guitar riff, the beat.  This is the perfect classic rock song.

What are some of your favorite Aerosmith songs?  Let us know in the comments below!



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