There is something to be said about a singer/songwriter that mixes playful and flirty with having an old soul, who can also doll herself up in pearls while not afraid to get down and dirty in the mud.  This is my feeble attempt to explain the dynamics of Lauren Ruth Ward as she has released her album entitled “Well, Hell” via Weekday Records.

The dynamics that Lauren Ruth Ward allows the listener to contemplate, be teased, and get down and dirty with her, with her vocals that are so blues tinged that Janis Joplin will awake from the dead and notice with the songstress dark sex appeal that would make Stevie Nicks smile, all the while exploring those concepts of yin vs. yang, heaven and hell, and being playful while feeling tormented in this record, which makes for delectable dynamics throughout “Well, Hell”.

“Well, Hell” starts off with a haunting track entitled “Staff Only”.  In this, this seems to explore the topic of sexual harassment in the workplace and how women seem to have to get ahead by offering “advances” in the workplace.  Lauren Ruth Ward sounds tortured, tormented, and really freaking hurt when she croons “Go on and treat me bad”. It is a haunting track that has subtle guitar hooks, haunting backup vocals, and strong yet vulnerable vocals of Lauren Ruth Ward.  The next track “Sideways” has a 1960’s AM Rock influence, especially in the chorus as if The Monkees and Janis Joplin went off on a collision course and then Lauren Ruth Ward’s psychedelic influences are wonderfully displayed during the bridge of the song.

In “Make Love To Myself”, Lauren Ruth Ward sounds naughty and playful, having that “you couldn’t get this if you tried” type of vibe in the song, which showcases the strength of being a strong independent woman.  In “Sheet Stains”, there is somewhat of a tongue-in-cheek vibe to the music especially in the chorus.  In “Those Letters”, there is a sense of melancholy as the acoustic guitar plays wonderfully along with the ambiance backdrop to make this song a true melancholy song.

Lauren Ruth Ward is a premier songwriter and her diverse arrangements, strong singing voice, and the uncanny ability to express emotions in the storytelling makes this a very worthy listen.  “Well, Hell” by Lauren Ruth Ward will provide that bridge between generations and unite the generations under that banner known as music.  Madness To Creation rates this a 9 out of 10 stars!  Here is the track listing below.

  1.  Staff Only
  2.  Sideways
  3.  Those Letters
  4.  Make Love To Myself
  5.  Blue Collar Sex Kitten
  6.  Sheet Stains
  7.  Did I Offend You
  8.  Travel Man
  9.  Well, Hell

Fans can check Lauren Ruth Ward out on tour at the dates below!

Friday, April 6th- Emerge Impact + Music in Las Vegas, Nevada (w/Jonathan Terrell, Waxahatchee, Starcrawler, and Mercy Music)

Sunday, April 8th- Emerge Impact + Music in Las Vegas, Nevada

Monday, April 23rd- Baby’s All Right in Brooklyn, New York (w/Slugs)

Thursday, April 26th- Cafe 939 in Boston, Massachusetts (w/Slugs)

Friday, April 27th- StageOne in Fairfield, Connecticut (w/Slugs)

Saturday, April 28th- Ottobar in Baltimore, Maryland (w/Slugs)

Sunday, April 29th- Johnny Brenda’s in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (w/Slugs)

Tuesday, May 22nd- Mississippi Studios in Portland, Oregon (w/Yip Yops)

Wednesday, May 23rd- Crocodile Back Bar in Seattle, Washington (w/Yip Yops)

Friday, May 25th- The Chapel in San Francisco, California (w/Magic Giant)

Saturday, May 26th- Crepe Place in Santa Cruz, California (w/Yip Yops)

Tuesday, May 29th- Soda Bar in San Diego, California (w/Yip Yops)

For tickets and further information on any of the shows listed above, click here!

Fans can find Lauren Ruth Ward at the following locations:


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