Editor’s Note:  One of the joys of this job is that we get to discuss things with bands, help them get to that next step that they need to get to.  Drifter is just that with their hard hitting sound with the attitude that fits New Jersey.  They have been featured in major outlets such as Loudwire and little ol’ outlets such as Madness To Creation!  They are riding the wave of “Black Mamba” with “The Howling” EP that was a recent release!  Go pick up a copy of the EP and fans can find Drifter at the following locations:



Twitter: https://twitter.com/drifternj

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/drifter_nj/

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_r-WX9dASdE

Madness To Creation:  How has 2018 treated the band so far?

Monto: 2018 has been really great for us so far. We obviously just released our debut EP and its doing pretty good, we couldn’t be any happier. 

Madness To Creation:  What is your single biggest influence in how you got into music?

Fil: Personally my dad, but as a band that’s a pretty tough question! We all listen to pretty different music but if i had to pick it’d probably be bands like Architects, Bring Me The Horizon, or Underoath.

Madness To Creation:  How has the reaction been to “The Howling” so far?

Joe: Everyone we’ve talked to has been really supportive of it. Our general reception on the internet has been great too. 

Madness To Creation:  You are starting to get featured on major outlets such as Loudwire, does it feel pretty surreal?

Mark: It’s an extremely insane feeling to be honest. I remember being in middle school and high school listening to all these different bands that I would later end up reading about on Loudwire and to be featured in that same outlet now is just incredible. 

Madness To Creation:  Tell us about the music scene in New Jersey, and one band from there we should check out!

Mark: The music scene in Jersey is pretty diverse but the most prominent genre right now is probably hardcore. A couple bands you guys should check out from NJ, that we’re also friends with, are Noravilla and Blackwolf. 

Madness To Creation:  What does the rest of 2018 look like?

Jon: Were going to be focused on promoting this EP as hard as possible. Were planning on playing a lot of shows, writing new material, and putting out a couple of videos. 

Madness To Creation:  Tell us about the music video and the song for “Black Mamba”, what was the message behind the song and inspiration behind the song.

Monto: The song in a nutshell is about revenge and redemption. I’ve been through the ringer of people trying to keep me from my goals, just like everyone has. A symbol was needed to fight against, so the outlet became this “Black Mamba” figure which is the sum of everything that has tried to tear us down. This way I had an actual figure to get my frustrations out on. I used to be a really nice and innocent person, but over the years, I’ve became darker and more ruthless because of the way people not only treated me but each other. The video portrays “The Black Mamba” figure laying out someone’s fate before them with the tarot cards. I’m bound with my hands tied behind my back, but I’m still yelling that I’m coming for it’s head and everyone else that is against me. 

Madness To Creation:  Most gratifying moment in this band and most embarrassing moment on stage.

Fil: The most gratifying moment was probably having our EP written about in places like Loudwire and just the general reception of our EP. Our most embarrassing moment was hands down our first show. We were extremely unprepared, the mics kept cutting out, bass guitar cable kept popping out and it was actually the first time Monto and Joe did vocals live.

Madness To Creation:  What do your fans mean to you?

Monto: Our fans mean the world to us. Everyday we get more and more people hitting us up on social media telling us that they love our stuff and its really gratifying seeing that people are into the music that you make. We have a bunch of great reception out of the states and we hope to play to all our fans abroad, regardless of what it takes to get to them. 

Madness To Creation:  Tell us where we can find you guys(on the internets, not where you get groceries).



Twitter: https://twitter.com/drifternj

IG: https://www.instagram.com/drifter_nj/

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_r-WX9dASdE

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