The band out of Brighton and Portsmouth, United Kingdom is known as Percival Elliot.  They have quite an eclectic mix of songs that mix that good time piano vibe ala Ben Folds ala a hint of subtle guitar work.  They have recently released their music video for “Betty” and here is the review of it.

The visuals:

The video starts off being quite trippy as it sounds like an old phonograph going off with the visual effects of a staircase with trippy colors and “Betty” closes the door to her bedroom and looks like she proceeds to text message on her phone.

I really like the black and white scenery that Percival Elliot plays in, which makes it feel like they’re performing in a smoke-filled jazz hall.  The audio is quite a finger snapping, toe tapping type of song.

Betty, who is clad in nothing but a bra, a thong, and pantyhose with a garter while having multiple tattoos, puts on her lipstick and she proceeds try to look seductive while doing so while sitting alone in her bedroom.  Then, during the chorus, Betty proceeds to do lines of cocaine, as the band joyfully sings “Betty took an overdose/Betty took an overdose my friend”.  It seems awfully tongue in cheek coming from Percival Elliot.

The video ends very tragically with Betty overdosing while drinking in the bathtub as she drowns in the bathtub and the image of the wine glass shattering into a million pieces leaves a lasting impression on the viewer.

The song itself:

Percival Elliot knows how to write quite a catchy tune.  Infectious melodies, infectious guitars, and vocals that are so infectious that it’s quite contagious.  In their arrangements, Percival Elliot does a great job of blending folk/indie rock with some 90’s pop elements to it, back when pop music was stellar!

Overall:  Captivating video that leaves a lasting impression on the viewer and the music really enhanced the story telling!  8 out of 10 stars from Madness To Creation.

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