Imagine the life that Monti went through.  Growing up in an abusive home, bouncing around from foster care placement to foster care placement, and doing what is necessary to survive and to just get through the day, much less making plans to go to college, and to live out your dreams.  In life, we have two choices if we are faced with hardships in our lives.  We can either wallow in our own self-pity and self-doubt and cry out in the wilderness or we can choose to rise above the circumstances.  Los Angeles based artist Monti chose to do just that as she has taken her anger, anguish, and used those feelings to create music that can be hopeful and meaningful to whoever is listening.  Several months ago, Monti released her music video for the song “Echo”, which features Josh Stevens providing a verse in the song.

The video follows the story of a young man named Reggie, who wants to pursue a career in the world of fashion design.  In this, Reggie was given $50 and a camera to create the best video possible.  The imagery is astounding, even little things like turning the key to unlock a door, which is symbolic of opening up one’s mind and imagining all of the possibilities that one can have with so little.  The video showcases Reggie working all hours of the night to pursue his dream of becoming a fashion designer.

The video also showcases the issue of homelessness and poverty in Los Angeles as it looks like numerous tents are set up in the sidewalks of Los Angeles.  As the video turns into day, it shows a new sense of hope for Reggie as he has a smile while he’s skateboarding on the streets of Los Angeles.

In terms of the music, I love Monti’s voice and Josh Stevens providing his verse in the bridge of the song was amazing!  How does this only have 1,000 views on YouTube?  The message is profound and the chorus that goes “we are, we are the voiceless”, my goodness it’s captivating, especially when so many feel like they don’t have a voice.  I see Monti doing very well for herself in the future.

In terms of the concept of the video and the song, it’s a perfect mix.  10 out of 10 stars!

Monti does have some tour dates coming up!  Check them out below!

Sunday, July 22nd- Southern U.S.A. Tour in Austin, Texas

Friday, July 27th- Laguna in South Padre Island, Texas

Tuesday, July 31st- Artist Alliance in Nashville, Tennessee

Saturday, August 4th- Love Shack in Nashville, Tennessee

For tickets and further information on any of the shows, click here!

Fans can find Monti at the following locations:

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