On April 21st aka Record Store Day, Corky Laing’s Pompeii released “The Secret Sessions”.  This special collection features a supergroup and it also features various special guests such as Eric Clapton, Dickey Betts of The Allman Brothers, and so much more!

Sometimes, a record ends up getting lost in the shuffle, collecting dust, and forgotten about.  It just so happens that this record is like a barrel-aged wine and as the fermentation gets prolonged, that barrel-aged wine gets that extra zip in its flavor and that extra pizzazz that people are looking for.  Such is the case with Corky Laing’s Pompeii’s record entitled “The Secret Sessions”.

There are some beautiful moments in this record.  One beautiful moment that showcases a group of guys just having absolute fun with this record is in the track “I Ain’t No Angel”.  In this, Corky Laing(legendary drummer for Mountain) and Ian Hunter of Mott The Hoople absolutely hold it down in the harmonies in the vocals.  There is that wonderful combination of the sass in the blues and they are able to blend their vocals to create a lasting harmony that causes toes to tap, hands to clap, and fingers to snap.  The keys that Ian Hunter possesses in this album leaves a lasting impression.

Another lasting impression includes the guitar tones that are subtle yet profound in “I Hate Dancin'”.  In this track, the band longs for that special someone to dance with and to share those lasting moments.  This song would be a great mix for classic rock radio and that AM Rock vibe that a band like America or Loggins & Messina possesses.  Again, there is that fire and chemistry that Laing and Hunter possess that sounds like this group has been together for years on end as opposed to coming together for the Pompeii supergroup.

The album gets absolutely bluesy in the track “The Outsider” and fans see Todd Rundgren come in to provide the organ and background vocals.  In this, Todd Rundgren shows that he’s a musician’s musician as he adds his organ, which provides a fine layer to the music without trying to outshine Laing and Hunter in this track.  The guitars sound lush and dynamic and it hits you between the eyes, especially that lush guitar solo during the instrumental break.

The major impressions are left in the track “On My Way To Georgia”.  Laing showcases his drumming prowess in the intro and makes it sound steady and so profound.  Laing absolutely knows how to serve the song in his drumming.  In this track, the guitar tone is immediately noticed as Eric Clapton has trademarked that guitar tone while Dickey Betts of The Allman Brothers is steady as he goes in his guitar picking.

Overall, Corky Laing’s Pompeii “The Secret Sessions” is that cool drink of water on a long hot summer day.  It also showcases that Laing and others have absolutely insane skills and the listener can tell that they are having a blast with this record!  For those feelings of nostalgia and a glorious trip down memory lane, Madness To Creation rates this an 8 out of 10 star album.

Here is the track listing below.

  1.  Easy Money (Corky Laing and Ian Hunter)
  2.  The Best Thing (Corky Laing)
  3.  I Ain’t No Angel (Corky Laing and Ian Hunter)
  4.  I Hate Dancin’ (Corky Laing)
  5.  The Outsider (Ian Hunter)
  6.  Silent Movie (Corky Laing and Ian Hunter)
  7.  Growin’ Old With Rock & Roll (Corky Laing)
  8.  On My Way To Georgia (Corky Laing, Leslie West, Mick Jones)
  9.  Just When I Needed You Most (Randy Van Warmer)
  10.  Lowdown Freedom (Billy Joe Shaver)
  11.  Easy Money (2017 re-record)
  12.  Silent Movie (2017 re-record)
  13.  Growin’ Old With Rock & Roll (2017 re-record)
  14.  Knock Me Over (Corky Laing, Chris Shutters, Mike Mikel)

Drums, Vocals – Corky Laing (All Tracks)
Keyboards, Vocals – Ian Hunter (tracks: 1-6, 9,10)
Bass, Backing Vocals – Felix Pappalardi (tracks: 1-6, 9,10)
Guitar, Backing Vocals – Mick Ronson (tracks: 1-6, 9,10)
Guitar – Leslie West (tracks: 2, 5, 10)
Guitar – Dickey Betts (tracks: 8)
Guitar – Eric Clapton (tracks: 8)
Guitar – Pete Carr (tracks: 7),
Guitar – Tommy Talton (tracks: 7)
Bass – Calvin Arline (tracks: 7, 8)
Harmonica – John Sebastian (tracks: 6)
Horns – Muscle Shoals Horns (tracks: 7, 8)
Keyboards – Neil Larsen (tracks: 7, 8)
Organ, Backing Vocals – Todd Rundgren (tracks: 2, 5)
Bonus Track Credits:
Drums & Vocals – Corky Laing
Guitar & Vocals – Chris Shutters
Bass & Vocals – Mark Mikel
Drums – Jason Hartless (on “Growin’ Old with Rock’n’Roll”)
Piano – Craig Adams & Steve Feehan (on “Growin’ Old with Rock’n’Roll”)

Fans can also catch “Corky Laing Plays Mountain” on tour.  Here are the tour dates below.

Saturday, April 28th- Patchogue Theatre in Patchogue, New York (w/Kofi Baker)

Sunday, April 29th- Patchogue Theatre in Patchogue, New York (w/Kofi Baker)

Saturday, June 9th- Howard’s Club H in Bowling Green, Ohio

Friday, June 15th- Reggie’s in Chicago, Illinois

Saturday, June 16th- Token Lounge in Detroit, Michigan

Saturday, June 23rd- Doomed & Stoned Fest in Brooklyn, New York


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