On February 1st, Birmingham, Alabama’s own Matthew Carroll self-released his album entitled “Left To Burn”.  This album really showcases what a professional project this is and the process that Matthew Carroll went through in the creation of “Left To Burn”.

Matthew Carroll saw what was missing from a lot of today’s mainstream music, and that is the music that mixes excellent arrangements along the lines of groups like Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers, Vertical Horizon, and Fastball with a mix of today’s indie rock songwriting abilities.  The songs mix desperation in songs such as the opener entitled “Next One On Her List”, with some tongue-in-cheek sarcasm in the song “She Wants Me For My Body”, in which the choruses are raucous and infectious all rolled into one.

The horns and guitar hooks in “Backup Man” mixes blues, with a touch of ska in the chorus of the song that has a mix of a jazz feel with a bit of a slowed down ska feel to it.  The harmonies in the chorus mixed with the sass that Matthew Carroll sings about how he won’t be anyone’s backup man really showcases that “hey, instead of you friendzoning me, I’m going to go ahead and put you in the friend zone”.  There is a bit of alternative/punk vibe in “You Look Like My Ex-Girlfriend”.  The arrangements are driving and there is that tongue-in-cheek vibe included in the song.

Matthew Carroll does a great job of mixing arrangements that causes the listener to bob their head and dance, along with lyrics that tell stories that peak the listener’s curiosity with that tongue-in-cheek vibe while sounding authentic at the same time.  The guitar licks are subtle yet profound, the arrangements make for such tasty pop anthems, and the lyrics are full of fun and pizzazz.  “Left To Burn” by Matthew Carroll gets a solid 8 out of 10 because it’s a fun listen the whole way through.

Check out the track listing below.

  1.  Next One On Her List
  2.  She Just Wants Me For My Body
  3.  Backup Man
  4.  You Look Like My Ex-Girlfriend
  5.  Heart On Fire
  6.  Pilots And Sailors
  7.  My Baby’s Gone
  8.  All My Love
  9.  Fell For You
  10.  Folding
  11.  Her Moves
  12.  Love

Fans can find Matthew Carroll at the following locations:


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