There is a crisis that needs to be addressed and that is the real life issue of drug addiction.  Los Angeles by way of United Kingdom’s own Charming Liars have certainly hit this issue head on with their latest video entitled “Like A Drug”.  This video is the first of a trilogy entitled “Spoon”, with Part 2 entitled “Time To Start” and Part 3 entitled “Insomnia” on its way to complete the trilogy.

In a world where addiction to drugs, pornography, sex, and other addictions are glamorized and made out to be sexy, Charming Liars is utilizing this platform to discuss the perils of drug addiction and how this issue has serious consequences beyond the one that is merely using drugs.  In this video, Charming Liars showcases a woman having sex and shooting up drugs every chance that she gets before she wakes up in a hospital bed and cries out for help.

First of all, if you’re at work, I would strongly recommend that you mute the first ten seconds or so of the video, otherwise your co-workers and/or boss will think that you’re watching porn while at work.  The video certainly grabs the attention of the viewer, but again, don’t say I didn’t provide that disclaimer to you.  The song is poppy, yet full of alternative rock vibes and it’s an incredibly catchy listen.

From a visual standpoint, I definitely appreciate the storyline of the woman going around from a home to a rundown looking gas station and gets what she can get, and that is her fix on her addiction to sex and drugs.  The sobering part of the video is that you can tell that the people that are feeding her addictions are really hiding her addictions in public, they might share brief eye contact, but we all know what is up with her dirty little secrets.  Eventually, those secrets catch up with her and she wakes up from an unconscious state in a hospital bed.

Because of this poignant and sobering video, Charming Liars are captivating audiences with the visual effects along with their infectious music.  Kiliyan Maguire certainly makes a case for having amazing pop vocals along with catchy storytelling in his songs, while Karnig Manuokian on guitars/production provides that electronic sounds and catchy riffs to match the ambiance, and Mike Kruger on bass provides that infectious bass groove.  This makes me certainly want to hear more from Charming Liars as Madness To Creation rates this video a 9 out of 10 stars.


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