Editor’s Note:  Welcome to the inaugural edition of The Musician’s Tribune where Madness To Creation challenges any musician or anyone involved in the industry to write what is on their mind in terms of their music or what they go through in the industry.  In Vol. 1 of The Musician’s Tribune, guitarist Andrew Lynch of Young Thieves gets the distinct honor of writing the first guest blog for Madness To Creation.  Let’s see what Andrew has to say, and in the meantime, fans can check out the electro/indie pop band out of New York City at the following locations:




Staying Strong In A Saturated Market by Andrew Lynch, guitarist of Young Thieves


Hey y’all, Andrew from Young Thieves here. Happy to have a place where I can speak about some of the things that we all deal with as musicians! Today I wanted to share my thoughts on staying motivated as an up-and-coming artist.


            Anyone musician who takes themselves seriously will know: it ain’t easy. I’ve often told myself, “if it was easy, everyone would do it.” That statement has held its value in my entire time as a musician in New York City, a city full of thousands of people all competing with each other. I have personally experienced countless musicians give up or lose faith in their quest for success in music.


            I can be the first to tell you, I think all of us have moments of weakness and doubt while in a band. Just like anything else, there are good days and bad days. Some days you wonder what you are doing it all for, some days you are completely justified in your life path and reinforced in your decisions and your progress. I would go out on a limb and say that basic concept of “self-doubt” applies to any given career, and that makes it easier to not put unfair pressure on myself for being a musician. 


            At the end of the day, you simply have to: (a) do what you love, (b) follow through on your commitments and (c) set realistic goals and expectations for yourself. For example, myself and two of my band members were in a band for years and having a blast. After some time, things changed and we were at an impasse; we felt a need to do something different. While scary and unknown, we had to exercise those feelings and since re-branding, things have been going better than ever. Don’t be afraid to do this! Changing things up is a natural part of life and growth as an artist or anything else. Always make sure that you are happy with what you are doing and really allowing your inner-light to shine through your project. “The unknown” will quickly become “the known” and you will come out the other side feeling accomplished!


            Keep in mind that as hard as you are working, someone else out there is working harder and as much as you want it, someone out there wants it more. Don’t let that intimidate you — let it motivate you. Being stagnant is wasted time, if this is your dream then wake up everyday and take the steps to make it a reality!


Andrew Lynch


And there you have it!  Young Thieves recently released a music video for “What You Want” and it received a rave review from Buzzfeed!  Check it out below!

Young Thieves have a few gigs coming up.  Check out tour dates below!

Saturday, May 19th- BoonTunes in Boonton, New Jersey (w/Saint Slumber, Futures, and 8 Graves)

Saturday, July 7th- Lackawanna Music Festival at Back Breakers Training Center in Scranton, Pennsylvania (w/Lucas Hex)

Saturday, July 28th- Sunnyvale in New York, New York (w/He Is We)

For tickets and further information on any of the shows listed above, click here!



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