One of the more interesting releases is being released by one of the most best-kept secreets in all of music in Roger Joseph Manning Jr.  On May 18th, the legendary Grammy-award winning keyboardist will be releasing “Glamping” EP to go along with his reissues and deluxe editions of “Land of Pure Imagination” and “Catnip Dynamite” wherever music is sold.

In order for one to fully grasp the musical genius and the legendary persona that Roger Joseph Manning Jr possesses, we will discuss his bio with you.  What if I were to tell you that he has been Beck’s keyboardist for 22 years, worked with The Format and fun.(We Are Young, does that damn song ring a bell), and the song “Learn To Love Again” by Pink.  This is not to mention collaborating and contributed with the who’s who of music in Adele, Eric Clapton, The Killers, Johnny Cash, Glen Campbell, Blink 182, and Marilyn Manson.  This is not to mention his own work with the band Jellyfish and being in numerous soundtracks.

In “Glamping”, there is something quite organic that Roger Joseph Manning Jr. brewed up in this EP.  Roger wanted to create music straight from scratch and make it simplistic with starting with just him and an acoustic piano and creating numerous sonic elements that spontaneously combusts into one major love bomb in the opening track “Operator”.  In “Operator”, the song has that AM radio vibe where the windows are rolled down, hair is blown in every which direction and all the cares and troubles are removed as Manning Jr takes you on this psychedelic odyssey that has people reminiscent of the smooth AM vibes of Supertramp with a harmonious chorus of Freddie Mercury and Queen.  The keyboards sound light and fluffy like a morning flapjack, and the arrangements of the guitars and rhythm section makes the listener feel glistening and light on their feet.

In the second track entitled “Funhouse”, there is that vibe that makes people reminiscent of a band like The Cars, where the guitars have some power yet an infectious groove and the chorus suddenly takes you into that late 1960’s glam rock vibe that makes people feel nostalgic for American Bandstand, bellbottoms, afros, and plaid skirts.  It just has that wonderful vibe to it.

Overall, Roger Joseph Manning Jr is one of the best kept secrets I have ever heard in music, there is more candy and sweets for the ears than a Willy Wonka factory in this EP and reissue.  The golden ticket has been revealed with this 8.5/10 star effort in “Glamping”.  Check out the track listing below for the “Glamping” EP.

  1.  Operator
  2.  Funhouse
  3.  Is It All A Dream
  4.  I’m Not Your Cowboy
1. The Quickening
2. Love’s Never Half As Good
3. Down In Front
4. My Girl
5. Imaginary Friend
6. Haunted Henry
7. Tinsel Town
8. The Turnstile At Heaven’s Gate
9. Survival Machine
10. Living In End Times
11. Drive Thru Girl
12. American Affluenza
1. The Land Of Pure Imagination
2. Too Late For Us Now
3. Wish It Would Rain
4. The Loser
5. Sandman
6. Pray For The Many
7. Dragonfly
8. Creeple People
9. In The Name Of Romance
10. You Were Right
11. Appleby
12. ‘Til We Meet Again
13. Sleep Children
14. What You Don’t Know
Fans can find Roger Joseph Manning Jr. at the following locations:
Check out his hit “Too Late For Us Now” (not from the reissue) here!

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