Out of Turin, Italy comes a band that mixes the cigarettes and whiskey vocal stylings of Tom Waits with some moody dark folk music ala Neil Young and The Avett Brothers and that is Calembour.  On May 11th, Calembour released their EP entitled “Let The Wind Lead Us Home” via Standby Records.

In 2016, Calembour formed an indie-folk quintet in Turin, Italy and in their short career, they have played some festivals in Europe and played anywhere that had a stage in Europe.  Shortly after, Calembour signed a record deal with Standby Records and released “Let the Wind Lead Us Home” on May 11th.

In their music, they incorporate many instruments including the banjo, doublebass, acoustic guitar and various instruments in order to make as unique of arrangements as possible.  The title track provides quite a contrast for Calembour as it’s a mix of a barnburner that one would hear at a hoedown with the stark contrast of sounding very moody and melancholy until the song picks up in the outro.

In the second track “I Call Your Name”, Calembour takes the heartbreaking feels and dials them up to 11 as it sounds like a track that is full of mourning and loss for a loved one.  Calembour does an impressive job of conveying those emotions through the arrangement of the song and through the deep regret in the vocals.

For moody, contemplative, stripped-down, organic folk music, may Madness To Creation suggest “Let The Wind Lead Us Home” by Calembour?  Calembour’s music will stir the soul while offering up great storytelling in the lyrics and arrangements in the music.  Madness To Creation rates this an 8 out of 10 stars.  Check out the track listing below.

  1.  Let The Wind Lead Us Home
  2.  I Call Your Name
  3.  Away From You
  4.  Yours & Mine

Fans can find Calembour at the following locations:



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